Running With the Bulls

As far as bucket lists goes, running with the bulls is definitely an item on such lists. Thousands of people will travel to Pamplona, Spain to accomplish this. But why go all the way to Spain?

That’s right folks, you can now run with the bulls locally through The Great Bull Run

This is not you typical 5K Folks – You are getting the chance to actually run with REAL. LIVE. BULLS.

Even better, they are coming to the Chicagoland area on July 12th. More specifically, the Hawthorne Race Course.

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The run will be held in six different sessions  from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. Runners will enter a 1/4 mile stretch of the track along with the bulls. The bulls run at about 35 miles per hour.

This all day Saturday festival will also feature a “Tomato Royale” which is essentially a large food fight. The kid in all of you can forget about what you mother told you and you can totally play with your food!

food fightSouce

The Tomato Royale will be held after the bull run. This giant food fight is inspired by Spain’s La Tomatina festival dating back to 1945. Music will start off the food fight where participants will sprint to a large mound of tomatoes. Once you reach the mound, start throwing!

“The one-day Festival includes forty 1,500 pound bulls, one enormous tomato food fight, music, beer and cowboys”

What is better than all of that? An offer of $10 registration! Please use Promo Code NVR when registering to get $10 off. To Register for this fantastic event, please click here

If you still have some questions, please visit the FAQs on their website

So go ahead and check off another item on your Bucket List! Spend a day playing with your food! Most of all, Have a ton of fun on a not so typical Saturday!




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