Weekly Training Report: June 16th – 22nd

June 16-22

Monday – 2.63 Miles

It was really hot and muggy out but my plan for the summer is to maintain a solid base and I am not going to do that by only a running a mile every day. So I decided it would be a good idea to start trying for runs in the 2.00 to 3.00 mile range. So I set out for my normal 2.50ish mile course since there are water fountains at every 0.63ish miles or so (and yes, I do keep track of that). All in all it was pretty decent. A tiny bit of residual fatigue from the weekend and definitely residual soreness from Saturday’s HIIT workout but overall I was pleased with the run. Going to bed at 8:30 that night helped with the fatigue and a massive stretching sessions helped with the soreness.

Tuesday – 2.01 Miles

Yet another hot and muggy day… are we noticing a pattern? As much as I wanted to do more than 2 miles, I just didn’t really have it in me. It was enough of struggle to get the 2 miles in. Sometimes, you just need to listen to your body. I also really need a better two mile route for the sunny, hot and muggy days.

Wednesday – 3.03 Miles

Wednesday Afternoon while I was at work, a storm came through and it drastically cooled things off. It was still muggy (again, pattern) but so much cooler. I decided to take advantage of the cooler weather by heading out for a 3 miler. Figuring it was best to have a water fountain every half mile, I used my typical 3 mile route. Although, I do have issues with the LFT in the summer because of all the beach bums and cyclists… But I like that the water fountains are at regular intervals. I felt really good the entire run and was surprised when I saw my pace when I got home because I did NOT feel like I was running at that pace.

Thursday – 1.02 Miles

Since I had run nearly 10 miles the previous 4 days, I thought it would be a good idea to throw in a dial down day. Essentially just a streak keeper which is sort of acting as a rest day…. if that makes sense. I headed out for my normal, slightly hilly, mile long route. About 0.40 miles in I noticed that my right hamstring was REALLY tight. Not like I had strength trained and it was sore… oh no… this was like something might be wrong tight. I was already at the “hill” portion of the run and there really was no way to avoid the hill at this point so I kept moving. But all along I was thinking about how stupid I was being. I was in pain but I was stubbornly still running to finish off the mile. I stopped to stretch a few times… luckily I have a lot of traffic lights to deal with on this particular mile long route. The stretching seemed to help but things were no loosening up. I made it home and took the elevator instead of the stairs because it felt like my hamstring wanted to lock up and it doing that while on the stairs would not have been fun. I rolled as soon as I dried off (I was dripping with sweat from the muggy run) and it definitely helped. The rest of the evening I kept stretching and rolling and just praying that it would feel better in the morning…

Friday – 1.04 Miles

I was really nervous about this run after the pain in my right hamstring from the day before. I had a lingering dull ache pretty much the entire day at work and I knew it was a strain of some sort. Despite knowing that it is likely better to rest than push it, I decided to head out for a mile run anyway. I figured if I shortened my stride and stuck to an area that was completely flat, I would be ok. Luckily my theory proved true. I had a few moments of pain but mostly it was just an ache and uncomfortable. The foam roller is my friend :-p

Saturday – 1.10 Miles

The right hamstring was feeling MUCH better when I woke up. I braved it and decided to walk to/from the grocery store and see how that felt. The ache was now mostly gone thank goodness. As such, I decided to test the leg a bit and when I headed out for my run, I choose my more hilly mile route. There was no pain and almost no ache at all. In fact, I felt rather good. I was beyond thrilled because I had been REALLY worried that I had managed to give myself an injury with less than two weeks to go in the Run Streak.

Sunday – 1.88 Miles

My weekly mileage was already nearly three miles more than last week so I knew I didn’t need to worry about mileage. I considered doing just a mile and then calling it a day but I also wanted to see if the leg could survive more than a mile. I decided to take my normal “hill” mile route knowing that I could take on some distance easily if I wanted to. I was feeling pretty good so that is exactly what I did. I ran to the CARA water fountain and considered continuing on. But, knowing that my leg had been bothering me and knowing that I still felt a slight twinge when using the stairs, I decided it was better to be safe. So I then backtracked home to get almost two miles in. Overall, I was still feeling really good when I got home so small victories.


I am pleased with the week. A few ups and downs but luckily, nothing serious. With only 11 days left in the streak, I feel confident that I will finish it off with success… assuming my right hamstring cooperates. But, luckily, there is no pain or aching at all anymore.

Mom gets into town this week for her annual month long visit and I am really excited!!!

Plan for the week is to just continue trying to do 2-3 mile runs but listen to the body… if I need just a streak keeper run (aka only a mile) then I will do that. Saturday I will be forced to do my mile run in the morning… Ugh… Have I mentioned that I HATE running in the morning?

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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