Picture Friday

Go & Run
This has certainly been the motto while doing this run streak… I have always been the person that goes home and changes into my workout gear right away. If I sit down, I am less likely to get back up later.

Hair Chop - Final
In case you missed the news, this totally happened last weekend. I donated 12 inches of hair. I love how quick my showers are now!

For a Reason
This has been on my mind a lot this week… for a lot of reasons. I have always felt that this rings true but this week, it has been a prominent thought for me.

This will totally be me this weekend. It is the first weekend since March that I have had zero plans. I don’t have to be anywhere at any particular time. However, I do have to do laundry and go to the grocery store… why can’t laundry do itself?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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