Throwback Wednesday – NYD 5K 2013

2013 New Years Day 5K Race Logo

After a less than stellar 2011 and 2012, I was determined to get my running back on track in 2013. What better way to do that than by running a 5K on January 1st?

Since I don’t typically go out for New Years Eve and rarely drink in general, it was no difficult task for me to plan to run the morning of the 1st. I signed up and had an evening of pizza eating and movie watching all planned out. I knew my best friend and her husband were going to be in town and I mentioned the race to her. Her husband decided to join me for the race which I thought was awesome! I love having people to run with.

The only flaw in the plan of running a 5K on January 1st? It tends to be chilly… And sure enough, it was rather cold that morning when I woke up. But oh well. I have run in cold weather before…

My best friend and her husband were in the area so they picked me up. Her husband had to sign up for the race and I still needed to get my packet (because packet pickup before the morning of the race was when I was out of town for Christmas… Flaw in the packet pickup plan folks…

After registering and packet pick-up, we found a warm place to hang out until it was time to head to the start line. It was this morning that my best friend informed me I would be an Aunt!!!! And suddenly her request for Pizza for lunch made MUCH more sense :-p

Really could not have been happy for her and her husband!!!!

Despite the cold, the sun was out in full force. I was very much looking forward to the race.

I had no plans for the race and certainly had no time goals. It was just a good way to kick off the new year with a commitment to get my running back on track.

Her husband and I lined up and I remember chuckling at all the people around me complaining that they were too hung over and really didn’t want to be there.

2 NYD 5K 1-1-13

With a very few frills, we were off. It was a relatively uneventful race. We walked a little bit before the two mile mark which was fine by me. I was in no hurry and had warmed up quite a bit already.

1 NYD 5K Race Pic 1-1-133 NYD 5K Race Pic 1-1-13

After the race, we headed back to Starbucks were my best friend was staying warm. We took a quick trip to my place so we could change and then head out to lunch… And yes, we got Pizza 🙂

My official time – 36:18 for a Pace of 11:43

New Years Day 5K Race Results 1-1-2013


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