Weekly Training Report: June 9th – June 15th

 Jun 9-15

Monday – 1.11 Miles

Originally, I wanted to try to do more than 2 miles each day… but then I assessed my schedule for the week and took stock of how tired I was and decided it might be better to plan a dial back for the week. Despite the low mileage, I had been walking a ton the previous few weeks and with lack of sleep over the weekend, my body was just begging for rest. Plus on Monday I was going to the Tigers/White Sox game. I really didn’t have time for more than a mile if I wanted to shower before going to game… and really… showering before the game was necessary. Overall the run felt pretty decent but I was feeling the fatigue.

Tuesday – 1.04 Miles

It started raining in the afternoon while I was at work. I do not enjoy running in the rain but I just had zero energy to go to the gym to run a mile. So I decided to just grin and bear it and run in the rain. Luckily, despite my dislike for running in the rain, I do have the gear for it. So I geared up and headed out… except the rain had stopped. What I thought was going to be a very soggy run ended up being pretty decent except the thin rain jacket I wore was too warm…

Wednesday – 1.04 Miles

I had made plans to hang out with my best friend and since the previous week, running to her place worked out really well, I decided to do the same thing. I hadn’t intended to do more than a mile and since I somehow forgot to put on the second sports bra (I always run in two), there was zero chance of running more than a mile. But on the way home I did sprint about 4 blocks to catch the bus… totally counts right?

Thursday – 1.09 Miles

I briefly considered running more than a mile… but when I got outside to run and realized how hot and humid it was, I changed my mind rather quickly. Plus I had some stuff that I wanted to get done at home… mainly cleaning my bathroom. I also wanted to try to get to bed early. It had been a busy week and I knew my Friday and Saturday were going to be busy as well.

Friday – 1.11 Miles

As nice of a day as it was outside, I only had time for a mile. I had to be back downtown to meet Dan at the Train by 6:30 and I was going to have to shower after the run. I also wanted to wear my hair down since it would be my last opportunity to do so for quite a while. I managed to time everything well and got downtown on time… but had some fun dodging tourists and scaffolding… this is why I avoid downtown on the weekends. But not a huge deal. Dan and I then headed to dinner and for a walk in the part and watched the NY Rangers lose to the LA Kings.

Saturday – 1.03 Miles

Even if I have a race, I loathe running in the morning… just one of those things… probably due to always running in the afternoon/evening. But I knew I wasn’t going to have any other chance to run later in the day. So it was up early to run before meeting my friend Jenni. The only issue… if you donate your hair, it needs to be clean and dry. So after my run I had to wash and dry my hair to go get it chopped. Jenni and I went to get coffee, then walked around a bit because we were early. She was so kind to go along with me to take pictures (post to come) and afterwards we grabbed brunch then went to the grocery store before parting ways. In the afternoon I headed to CrossTown Fitness for a HIIT workout which was awesome (Post to come as well). I then totally crashed early.

Sunday – 2.03 Miles

I kind of felt bad that I had only been doing mile runs the whole week so decided to try to push for two miles. It was a very humid and windy day but I managed to stick it out and get in the two miles. It wasn’t the greatest run and it probably didn’t help that I started the run a little dehydrated but I am glad I stuck with it.


Overall it was a good week but I definitely need to try to start more than a mile most days. I am not training for any races at the moment but training will be easier in the fall if I keep a solid base through the summer.

Nothing too crazy going on this week and I am rather excited about my first weekend with zero plans since the beginning of April. Now… if only someone would do my Laundry…

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: June 9th – June 15th

  1. Congrats on a consistent week. I know I hate laundry. It seems to suck up almost an entire weekend day sometimes, which somehow doesn’t seem right. Maybe I need a laundry service!

    • Haha – Thanks! I think my goal for the week was mostly to just let me body rest a bit and keep up the streak

      I totally agree with you on the Laundry service thing!!! I will more than likely do mine over the course of several weeknights

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