Throwback Wednesday – 2012 in Review

Bet you all thought I forgot to finish off the Throwback posts… but I didn’t… Just a couple left

Jan 2012

I started off with a plan… it was a very conservative plan. But after the first week, I didn’t stick to it. I kept trying to bounce back into the plan… after all, that was partially why I had designed the plan the way I did. But I was bailing on runs and making excuses.

Feb 2012

If there is one thing I have learned it is that February is usually not a good running month for me. And at this point, I wasn’t even trying to stick to my plan. I was just running haphazardly whenever I felt like it… which wasn’t much.

Mar 2012

Things definitely got better in March… helped by the fact that racing season was upon us. So I started to get out there more often. I was running a lot more consistently and I felt like I was making good progress. Except my first 5K for the year was kind of a slap in the face… it was HOT and I just wasn’t ready for running in the heat. I didn’t hit all the runs that I had planned out but I was hitting more than not. So I was sure that I would make steady progress.

Apr 2012

April was 50/50 nailing the plan and not nailing the plan. There were a few hurdles (like weather) that made things a little more difficult. I had one decent race and one not so good race (thank you stomach cramping). Towards the end of the month, I headed off to NYC for some fun and decided to just rest while traveling.

May 2012

I had very high hopes for May. But a car accident changed all of that. I was forced to rest which waiting for a right pectoral strain to heal. I lost all the ground I had made up in March and April and it took several weeks to finally feel no pain when I sneezed and therefore have the all clear to run again. Once I was able to run again, I took off and was excited that I was actually able to run again.

Jun 2012

Race season was definitely in full swing and I had two buddies to run with… so we were doing a LOT of races. But the weather was also getting really hot and I wasn’t able to acclimate. It went from winter to summer overnight… or so it felt. Running suffered as a result and I started to notice that for the most part, I was only running if I had a race.

Jul 2012

With July came the start of condo hunting. And we also had a very hot July. It was too hot, in my opinion, to run so I didn’t. I had the races on the calendar and I did those but otherwise I was not running. Plus, Condo hunting took up a lot more time than I thought it would.

Aug 2012

Again with Condo hunting… And then the start of the mortgage process. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was beyond stressed but I also had to be available the second my phone rang… Even when I have run with my phone, I have never heard it go off. So I had to decided what was more important… Being an adult and getting the mortgage approved had to become a priority.

Sept 2012

One word – Moving. I tried to run just to work out some stress but then that stressed me out because I should have been packing or something like that. Eventually I threw in the towel and decided to just run if I had a race.

Oct 2012

So, lack of sleep due to stress/anxiety and moving apparently makes me sick… I woke up on moving day with a cold and it took me a solid week to get over it. Even though I was moved into my new place, I had to actually unpack… Which is difficult to do when you don’t have shelves in your closet. So running, again, had to take a back seat.

Nov 2012

I was determined to do SOMETHING in November. I started going out for short runs and was also doing Yoga 2-3 times a week. I was definitely making some progress and decided the number of miles I ran didn’t matter as much for the time being.

Dec 2012

December was a lot of the same as November… I was trying to run 3 days a week and then do yoga 2 or 3 days week. If I wasn’t able to, then I didn’t beat myself up over it. Instead, I looked ahead to 2013 and started working on my plan for the year…


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