Weekly Training Report – June 2nd – 8th

Jun 2-8

Monday – 1.50 Miles

I started off the week with plans to try to get most of the runs closer to two miles but just couldn’t make that happen on Monday. My legs felt beat up and I was tired so I listened to my body and called it a day after 1.50 miles instead. Of course, I have been running faster than normal, which be playing a part in the whole legs feeling beat up thing.

Tuesday – 2.11 Miles

Tuesday I did a little something different. It was my “date night” with my best friend and since I am doing the run streak and cannot not take the day as a rest day and just head over right after work, I did the next best thing… I ran to her place. Well… actually, I ran past her place and then back-tracked because I wanted two miles instead of just a little over one mile. She fed me pizza and we chatted away like always. Really a rather perfect Tuesday evening.

Wednesday – 2.01 Miles

It was National Running Day and I really wanted around two miles… my body just didn’t seem to agree with that train of thought. I was able to battle it out but it was exactly that, a battle. Considered bailing numerous times but decided to play the stubborn card instead which got me my two miles.

Thursday – 2.00 Miles

This run also didn’t feel the greatest. I felt like I was gulping air which was throwing off my breathing and causing stomach cramps. When I got home, I realized the air gulping was likely due to running at a quicker pace than I am used to and also not currently trained for. So yea… need to work on slowing it down a little. After a quick shower, I grabbed some frozen yogurt for dinner (hehe… sometimes being an adult is really fun) and then walked over to Fleet Feet to get my race packet for Saturday. It was a beautiful night so I really enjoyed the walk… and the frozen yogurt of course :-p

Friday – 1.12 Miles

Since I had a Saturday Morning race, I opted for just a streak keeper since it would be a little over 12 hours until I would be running again. Plus, I was invited to the LP Zoo’s Adult Night Out. See, my post about the course for the United Run for the Zoo was actually read by the event coordinator for the Zoo. So he reached out and wanted to talk about how to make the course better for next year and offered me two tickets to the Friday event to accomplish this. I knew my favorite 10K wouldn’t let me down! It was really great to find out that they truly do care about the race and want to make it as enjoyable an experience as possible for the runners. We had a nice conversation about ways to make the course better and I left feeling like the suggestions really would be taken into account for developing the course for the following year!

Saturday – 3.10 Miles

Saturday morning came with a way too early alarm clock… It was race day after all. You can read my full report here. After the race, I showered and then took a nap. I then ate some pizza and headed over the Ragnar finish line to volunteer and watch the Wurst Ragnar Team Ever complete the 200 mile journey from Madison to Chicago. I had a lot of fun and met some great people. I also went out for drinks after and got home at 2 am… it was a LONG day. More on Volunteering later this week.

Sunday – 1.03 Miles

I woke up WAY too early on Sunday… damn being a morning person. I had zero desire to go anywhere but my watch broke the day before. I never wear the watch to make sure I am hitting a certain pace. I just have to have a record of the run… even if it is slow and only a mile. So I dragged myself over to the Garmin store on Mi Ave. Luckily, they were able to easily fix my watch in about 10 minutes free of charge. I was utterly relieved since I was worried I would need to send it away to be fixed. I then went to Whole Foods since I was only about 4 blocks away and in all reality, I should have SOME food at home. I headed out for my run after a little nap. I needed a mile for the streak but hell if I was going to run much more than that. As soon as I saw I was over a mile, I walked the rest of the way home.


It was a decent week of training. And though I am keeping the mileage on the lower side, I am enjoying the fact that I am getting the running back on track. Also, after 4 weekends in a row of racing, I am glad that I will have a break from running until Bastille Day in mid-July and that is not even a weekend race. I think I need a break from racing right now.

My plan is to try and run 2.00-2.50 miles for most of the runs this week but my body is begging me for some rest so I might just go with it. If I am feeling good then I will try to run longer but otherwise, I am perfectly content running only a mile each day this week. Also really looking forward to some weekend plans I have on the calendar… Especially the hair chopping. I am really just ready to have short hair again.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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