May 2014 in Review

May 2014

Overall, it really was not a great month for training. The downtime surrounding my trip to Boston was enough to get me out of the running habit. And sure, it was planned downtime but I seem to always forget that once out of the habit, I need to force myself back INTO the habit. Then I was exhausted and was busy and I decided the exhaustion was a good enough excuse to not carve out time for running. Then I just threw in the towel because it was close to SF10… and really, you are not going to make some huge amazing fitness gains in the 10 days before a race. Plus my place had turned into a rather overly hot sauna and the idea of running in the heat and returning home hot and tired and not being able to cool off did NOT appeal to me.

So yes… more or less I gave up on training. I consciously knew what I was doing and was making the choice.

Truth be told, I partially wonder if my body just needed a bit of a break.

I also knew that once SF10 was behind me and distance no longer played an important part in training that the pressure would be off and I could get back to just enjoying the run.

Then I heard about the RW Summer Run Streak and I figured it would be a good way to get my back on track and kick off the summer. I have no intentions of doing any significant distance through the summer months. I am not a fan of running in the heat and my body isn’t too fond of it either…

Despite the lack of training and the not so wonderful start to the month, I am actually pleased with how the month went. More importantly, I am really please with how I ran SF10. It was a goal race and I was mentally prepared to have a horrible race but I really WANTED it.

Mind over matter I guess because I ran a great race. Though it didn’t go quite as well as I wanted it went far better than I thought it would.

I also took a little stay-cation. It was filled with baseball and friends and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. It was wonderful.

If only I had gotten all the chores done I had intended to get done…. meh

2000 Lifetime Miles - May

The other exciting this is that I am almost at 2000 lifetime miles. When I started running, I don’t think I ever imagined I would get to 2000 miles. But there is a good chance I will hit that mark at some point in June. I am really excited and am already planning out a little celebration for myself when I do 🙂

I have a LOT going on in the month of June. I have already run one race and I have one more this weekend before I take a break from racing until Bastille Day in Mid-July. I will be volunteering for Ragnar Saturday afternoon/evening on behalf of the Wurst Running Club Ever (WRCE) turned Wurst Running Team Ever (WRTE) as they run their way from Madison to Chicago. So Saturday morning 5K race and then volunteering. I am praying that I am able to catch a nap between the two… otherwise Saturday will be a VERY long day.

I will also my chopping off all of my hair to donate to Locks of Love. I am so beyond ready to get rid of the long hair…

Having been intrigued by Cross-Fit for a while now but not really willing to pay to satisfy the curiosity, an opportunity came up to try out a class for free with the Chicago Bloggers and WRCE. So I am really excited to give that a try… I just hope I can still walk the following day :-p

Lastly, Mommy gets into town at the end of the month for her annual July visit!

June is an exciting month and I am looking forward to everything I have planned!


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