Weekly Training Report: May 26th – June 1st

May 26 - Jun 1

I realize it has been a while since I have done one of these… but the only running I was doing was racing…

Monday – 1.32 Miles

As you all know, I decided to participate in the Summer Runner’s World (RW) Run Streak. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my legs no longer hurt from SF10 when I woke. So despite my lack of running, I apparently had something going for me. It was a very hot and humid day out so I waited until it was a bit cooler… or at lease until the clouds rolled in to block the sun. I ran to the CARA Water Fountain and back. My whole plan for the week was to keep all of the runs between 1 and 1.50 miles since I knew I had a 10K on Sunday and I didn’t want to go from very little mileage to all of a sudden a ton of mileage.

Tuesday – 1.32 Miles

There was no cloud coverage blocking the sun… so I was a LOT slower. Plus it had been back to work and I think my body wasn’t too thrilled. Despite my vacation. I did a lot of walking and was really quite productive during those days off. I think my legs had finally had it.

Wednesday – 1.06 Miles

I decided to run a different direction for a change of scenery and went south instead of north so I was running towards the zoo. I had a vague idea where I would need the turn around to be to keep the run between 1 and 1.50 miles and luckily I was correct.

Thursday – 1.09 Miles

Again with the exploring a bit. I knew there was a water fountain along the park that runs along Stockton. I knew it was just about half a mile there so I decided that would be a good spot to run to. Except when I got there, the water fountain was not on. I have noticed that the Park District has been failing to turn on a couple water fountains the past two years. Grrr… Luckily I knew where there was a close by water fountain that was actually on.

Friday – 1.03 Miles

I originally was going to just go straight to the lakefront and then straight back but at the last minute decided to detour to the Fullerton underpass. It is a short but steep hill that I thought would be beneficial. But I cut to the sidewalk right after the underpass which left me just a tad short by the time I was back near my place… so I had to run past my place and then back to get to a mile… oops.

Saturday – 1.08 Miles

I used the Fullerton underpass but this time, went past where I turned last time and went to the end of the little parking lot that is squared off by the zoo. I wanted to make sure this little course would give me the mile by the time I got home. My intention is to start doing more than a mile most days during this streak but there will be a handful of days where, due to time restraints, I will only be able to do a mile so I wanted to make sure I have course options.

Sunday – United Run for the Zoo 10K

You can read my full recap here. I know I blasted the race for the course but I still love this race. I will continue to run it every year and I will continue to recruit friends to run it with me. My hope is that once the Zoo construction is over, they will go back to the old course. If that is not possible (or if there is still construction next year) then I hope they use a different course than the one this year. It really is a great race and I love that the race supports the zoo. Just need to tweak the course.


So far this streak is going very well for me. My plan is get some the runs this week closer to 2 miles and then on Saturday, I have a 5K race. I have also started to throw back in some strength training… nothing huge but slowly adding it back.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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