Picture Friday

1 Friday 5-30-14
It is going to be a beautiful day in Chicago!

5 NYY @ CHC 5-20-14
As you all know, I took some time off work last week. I am not going to lie, I mostly took the time off because the Yankees were in town all week and I had tickets to 4 of the 6 games. Started off my week of baseball at Wrigley Field on Tuesday

8 NYY @ CHC 5-20-14
We got to see the Jeter Dedication while there šŸ™‚

2 NYY @ CWS 5-22-14
After a two game series (which NYY Split) on the North Side, they headed to the South Side for a 4 game series. So on Thursday, we headed to US Cellular Field.

11 SF10 5-24-14
Saturday Morning I ran SF10 – Easily my favorite race of distance. This will be a recurring race on the calendar

2 NYY @ CWS 5-24-14
After a quick shower at home, I met up with Vijay and we headed back to the Cell for the third game in the series. We had awesome seats!

2 NYY @ CWS 5-25-14
Sunday it was back to the Cell with Vijay for the last game in the series.

4 NYY @ CWS 5-25-14
Sunday was also the Jeter Dedication – I am REALLY Glad I got to see it

22 NYY @ CWS 5-25-14
This was Jeter’s Last at bat for the game… and probably the last time I will ever see him play live. He had an awesome day and went 4 for 5 including a triple. He has not been my favorite Yankee, but he does rank up there in my favorites list. I will greatly miss seeing him play. He has been a wonderful player and will be a fantastic edition to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


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