First of all… get your mind out of the gutter 😛

The running world has a challenge that was issued by Runner’s World – To run at least one mile a day from Memorial Day through the 4th of July.

Well… Challenge accepted


This time around, I am doing the full challenge. I know during the holidays I gave myself one full rest day a week. But really, during the holidays, it is REALLY difficult. And I get that was part of the fun of the challenge but when you get up at 4:30 am just to get to work on time, then go straight to the airport from work to fly home and land close to 10:00 pm… a run is just NOT going to happen. And that was the MAIN reason I choose to modify the challenge.

This time, I don’t have any crazy plans that will work against me so I decided to give it a shot. Although, I do have a few days were I will have to run in the morning (I loathe running in the morning) and one day where I will have to pray that I get off work on time and the bus is not delayed in order to get the run in. But overall, it should be manageable.

Mostly, I need to get my running back on track. The holiday challenge served it purpose to get my running back on track so I am hoping this summer challenge will do the same.

Three days into the challenge already, I have been keeping my runs between 1 and 1.50 miles. I am coming off a pretty lazy few weeks and therefore the weekly mileage has been low. To avoid a HUGE jump, I need to keep the daily run short for right now… mostly because I have a 10K on Sunday.

Next week, I plan to increase most of the runs to around 2 miles and have one or two runs at just over a mile. I also have one race next week.

After the race next week, I am done with racing until mid-July so I will use the rest of the challenge to maintain a base of around 3 miles. I will definitely keep at least one run week at just over a mile and I am hoping that towards the end of this challenge I will start doing one longer run a week again.

Lucky for me, this challenge fits in nicely with my overall summer running plan. Since I really don’t do well in the heat, I had always planned to sort of “taper” for the summer months. Focusing more on my running base and just running consistently. Then start to increase the mileage at the beginning of fall.

I will also state that if I feel like I really need a break, then I will end the streak early. It would not benefit me to run when if I truly need the rest. But since I plan to keep the mileage on the lower side, I should be ok.

Wish me luck!



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