Getting Back on Track

It’s hardly a secret that my training has taken a back seat lately. It started off as taking time off out of fear that I had an injury brewing but then life got in the way.

Well… that is not entirely accurate… I LET life get in the way. Some of the scheduling conflicts were difficult to work around but in all reality, I COULD have had I chosen to.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I have found a new issue… the AC is not on yet in my building and it has been WAY too warm in my place… Yesterday it was easily over 90 degrees in my place. And with about 100% humidity outside, I knew running would not end up well. Despite my best efforts to remain hydrated over the past week or so, that has not really happened either.

But it will be cooling off a bit here and I can take advantage of the weather to get my butt back into gear. There is little point in trying to focus on training for SF10 since the race is less than 2 weeks away. As such, I will go back to an original goal and just try to run 5 days this week.

I will admit that I am exhausted though. With as hot as it has been in my place, I have struggled to sleep and what little sleep I have gotten has not been good. I got so desperate that I bought a second fan and had that going last night… and though it helped a bit, it was still not enough.

Outside of the warmer temps, the rain has not been helping much either. I have had little motivation to run outside so heading to the gym to run indoors is even less motivating.

I just really hope the rain holds off long enough this afternoon to let me get in a short run.

So tonight, I will head out for a run. I don’t care how far I go or how fast. I just need to get back out there.


2 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track

  1. I’ve been struggling with motivation for awhile too. Like, all winter, haha. Actually sitting down and making a training plan helped me get focused. Especially if it was somewhat flexible – I assigned certain workouts to certain days, but I would easily move them around if needed, and I set goals for each week (easy stuff, like hit a certain total mileage, do at least one strength workout, etc). Having it written out really helps me get focused. Of course then my knee started bothering me and now I’m resting. Argh.

    • Yea, I know what you mean. I think my main focus of running 5 days a week is good. But right now I have this little 10 mile race looming and in all reality, I haven’t truly trained for it in about 6 weeks. So I kind of feel like what is the point of making an effort if I won’t be able to make any progress. I hope that once the race is over and the pressure is off, I will bounce back… I hope…

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