Weekly Training Report: April 28 – May 11

Apr 28 - May 11

I am going to recap two weeks in post. I decided I wanted to focus on getting my Boston posts up and plus one of the two weeks will be very easy to recap…

Monday 4-28 REST

I had good intentions… But I also needed clean laundry. The issue with living in a high rise is that you have to deal with everyone wanting to do laundry at the same time. I am lucky in that I can get in the laundry room before most everyone else gets home from work. So I decided to do laundry first and then go for a run… except it was raining when the laundry was done.

Tuesday 4-29 REST

I went the DET/CWS game with my boys. I am able to run before going to a Cubs game but not a White Sox game. So this day was always going to be a no run day. I also got home WAY past my bed time

Wednesday 4-30 REST

So a last minute work drinks thing came up. I had every intention of going there and drinking only water and socializing for an hour and then going home to run. But I was there for longer than an hour (only drinking water) but when I realized the time, I figured hell with it and had a few drinks. Time slipped away from me again and I was already tired from the night before but I got home WAY past my bed time again…

Thursday 5-1 REST

I had every intention of going for a quick run before going over to my best friends for our weekly “date” but it was raining when I got home. Instead, I dropped my stuff off at home and then went straight over to her place. On the way home I had to drop something off at Eric’s (he lives right by her). It was another later than I prefer bed time

Friday 5-2 REST

By this point in the week I was going on very little sleep three nights in a row and I was just TIRED. Plus the weather sucked. I had ZERO ability to motivate myself to run. Instead I gave myself a manicure and watched the Hawks game. I am actually very surprised I managed to stay awake for the entire game.

Saturday 5-3 REST

For those unaware, I LOATHE running in the morning. Even on race day, I dislike it. And really, after the tiring week it just wasn’t going to happen on this particular Saturday. Instead I actually slept in… which for me means I slept past 7:30 (I actually slept til 8:30) and then enjoyed being really lazy in the morning. I had a huge breakfast and then it was time to get ready for one of my good friend’s wedding. So an afternoon run was also out of the question. Meh

Sunday 5-4 REST

I ended up getting home around midnight the night before. And true to form, when I get home/go to bed late, I wake up insanely early… like 7:00 am insanely early. I made myself some toast and coffee before I got ready to head over to my friend and his new wife’s place (although they already had been living together) for their wedding brunch. I got home right around 2:30 and had only missed the first few minutes of the Hawks game. I lay down on my couch to watch the game and proceeded to crash. When I woke up at 4:00 I still had to make my lunch for the week. Once that was done, I was starving. Running while starving is never a good idea… so yea… no run.

Monday 5-5 – 2.51 Miles

Can I just say that I HATE the wind… especially this year when that wind off the lake is so damn cold! But I made it out for my run. It didn’t feel the greatest… especially when I ran into the wind but it wasn’t too terrible either. I was also pretty surprised with my pace because I felt like I was running slower. It might have been helpful if I had run into the wind first so I didn’t have to battle it at the end of the run but oh well.

Tuesday 5-6 – 2.69 Miles

I actually ran into the wind first this time. Which helped a tad… but really, this run didn’t feel the greatest either. This is what I get for taking most of April off. I am also doing a 6 week workout program so I have do additional workouts throughout the week. Most of the people are doing JUST the workouts but I need to keep my base and I still have that little 10 mile race coming up. As such, I am doing the workouts after my runs instead.

Wednesday 5-7 REST

I had the best intentions to run. But when I got off the bus it was raining so I changed to run some errands and figured I would run when I was done. But nope, it was raining again. So I gave up

Thursday 5-8 REST

It was close to 90 degrees here. And though warmer temps were welcome after the insane cold of the winter, I prefer to have AC on in my home before it gets that warm. The joys of high-rise living in the city. It tends to take a while before the AC gets turned on. I knew if I went for a run, I would never cool off and going to sleep would be even more difficult. So I ran a ton more errands and had Frozen Yogurt for dinner.

Friday 5-9 REST

My best friends birthday was the day before and we were originally going to celebrate then put decided last minute to celebrate on Friday instead. I got home, grabbed her present and then headed to the bakery to get a bunch of different cake slices. We spent the evening eating junk food and drinking champagne. It was wonderful

Saturday 5-10 – 1.96 Miles

Yea, so two girls killing a bottle of champagne the night before made me a tad hungover. I was trying to drink water throughout the day but it was still so hot in my place that it wasn’t helping much. I ended up taking a two hour nap which also did not help. I woke up in a panic and quickly changed for a run. I wanted to run 3 miles but knew instantly it was not going to be a good running day. I felt MISERABLE. I was definitely too dehydrated for a run in the sun and heat.

Sunday 5-11 REST

Again with it being way too warm in my place. I ended up doing laundry so I could change my bedding from winter to summer but even that had me sweating like crazy. I was downing water but I still couldn’t seem to get hydrated… and the three martini’s from the night before likely did not help either. I decided I didn’t want to run when I knew I was already dehydrated because I didn’t want to feel miserable on the run again. Plus, with as warm as it was in my place, I didn’t want to get too hot and not be able to cool down.


Yea… so… I have this little 10 mile race coming up. And though, I still feel very confident that I can finish the race. I am starting to think my time goal went out the window. I know that I have no one to blame but myself. The issue for me, when I get out of the habit of my daily run, I have issues getting back into the habit if I have a longer distance race looming. In my mind, I have already killed the training for that race so will it really matter? Truth be told, it does matter but that hasn’t stopped me from bailing on most of my runs. Then I have that issue with not running much in a week and worrying about doing too many miles the following week… which is a compounding issue. I still KNOW that I can finish the race but I am definitely re-thinking the goals for the race. If the weather is on my side, I still have a fighting chance. But if the weather is not on my side then I will definitely bag the time goal.

Mostly, right now, I just want a good nights sleep. With as warm as it has been and with the AC not on (and it looks like it won’t be on for several weeks still), I have barely slept and I am starting to feel THAT toll on my body. It is supposed to cool down tomorrow so hopefully I can get some sleep and then work on trying to get the running back on track to some degree.

At this point, as far as training goes, I am going to focus on more on that running base before summer starts. It is time to stop freaking out mileage and the 10 mile race and instead just focus on one day at a time.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: April 28 – May 11

  1. I feel you so hard on the high rise not having air on yet thing. It STINKS! I opted to not run Thursday and have also been having a LOT of trouble sleeping because of the heat/humidity. I’ve found, though, that a cool shower really helps with both instances. Hope the air comes on soon (for both of us!) and that your 10 miler goes well!

    • Yea – I totally agree with the cool shower thing. I also invested in another fan for my place. Luckily it looks like it will be cooling down this week so that should help!


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