Boston Trip – Fenway Park

It is no secret that I am a die hard Yankee fan. It is also no secret that I am a die hard baseball fan in general. One of my small life to do list items is to go to all the major league ballparks.

What is the issue with this little plan?

I would be going to Fenway… Where the Red Sox play.

And if you happen to be missing a HUGE piece of the puzzle… Yankee Fans HATE the Red Sox… and the feeling is mutual.

But it is also Fenway Park… full of history. So really, it is still a must see.

The other small thing… I felt like Fenway, in particular, is a ballpark I would need to visit with my father. See, he is the one that taught me about the sport and baseball has kind of been our thing for years. When I was still living at home, we would watch games on TV together on top of going to see a game live annually. Now that I no longer live at home, we still do our annual live ball game, but that is it.

When we planned the trip, the baseball schedule was not yet posted for the season. The entire time, my biggest fear was that the Yankees would be in town. Which would have, no doubt, been a GREAT way to see a (more than likely my only) ballgame at Fenway. Except I would also have to go decked out in my Yankee gear and more than likely have some drunk (other people) verbal sparring matches.

In case you have missed it, I am a smart ass… especially when it comes to baseball and my Yankees…

Not a good combination when you are in the ballpark full of fans who hate every fiber of your teams being.

Anywho, luckily, Baltimore was in town…. except I didn’t really want to cheer for them either. I could NOT cheer for Boston but I also didn’t want to cheer for Baltimore (same division) so in the end I just wanted a good game and to sing Sweet Caroline at the game.

My friend from College, Lisa, happens to live in Boston and she would be going to the game with us. We decided it would be best to eat dinner before going to the ballpark. So we went across the street to eat first.

3 Fenway 4-20-14
Me and Lisa

We then walked the short two blocks to the ballpark. One thing I did like about the ballpark is that they had the street in front of the park blocked off and THAT was actually where you “entered” for the game. It was cool because you could mill around outside of the ballpark during the game if you wanted to.

We had awesome seats!

8 Fenway 4-20-14

I also really liked the dedication and honoring of the victims and their families that they did before the game. It was very moving and there were definitely lots of threats of balling my eyes out.

After all of that it was game time!

The first inning was very exciting (for Baltimore) and then both pitchers calmed down and there was not a lot of hitting until the 6th and 7th when both pitchers fell apart. It was 5-0 Baltimore going into the 7th and then Boston came back. In the end Boston was able to pull out the win. So all in all, I got my good ballgame. But I still wish Boston had lost…

I also got to sing “Sweet Caroline” in the 8th. This is a Fenway Park staple and a must do when visiting the ballpark.

It was an awesome evening and it was made even better by being able to catch up with a friend!

I went to bed very happy and content and very excited to spectate the marathon the next day.


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