Boston Trip – Day 2

As I said, we had a game plan for the day. But that didn’t keep us from sleeping in… quite a bit… Eventually we got up and moving though.

First part of the plan was to get food… very important aspect of the plan here. We took a cab down to Boylston near the finish line and decided to grab food inside this Irish Pub that was right by the finish line… but we had to wait about 5 minutes for them to open.

1 Boston 4-18-14

I was already seeing lots of Boston Jackets out and about on Boylston. But I was also seeing a LOT of blue and yellow scarves (I will come back to this).

The food was yummy and once we were all done we headed about a block to the Boston Library. Thanks to FB and a post by Runners World, I knew that on display at the library were the items collected from the Copley Square Memorial and I wanted to see it.

I was more prepared for the emotion this time but that didn’t change the flood of emotions I felt as I was looking at the items on display.

4 Boston 4-18-14

One of my favorite (probably not the best word choice when speaking of something somber…) were all of the running shoes. Shoes that had been worn over multiple training miles and (possibly) to run in the Marathon. I also noticed two other items amongst the shoes. One was a runners bib… it looked exactly like the ones worn during the Marathon and my assumption was that a runner took their bib off to add to the memorial. I also saw a bottle of Advil sticking out of one of the shoes. This actually made me chuckle. Amongst all of this sadness there was a bottle of Advil… something I am sure many marathoners are familiar with.

5 Boston 4-18-14

There were also crosses for the 4 that lost their lives with their pictures.

Other items on display were running shirts, medals, bibs, various team jerseys from the Pro Teams in Boston and a multitude of notes. All had a special significance. All represented what we lost and what we would be taking back.

They also had trees filled with notes that people had written. I left my own note and then watched the slide show.

After that we left but as we were walking back, I was able to get a close look at all the blue pots of flowers that I had been seeing everywhere. The sticker on the side of the pot read “Boston Strong Marathon Daffodils” And yes, it was in the infamous blue and yellow.

9 Boston 4-18-14

We walked outside to head to the expo and as we were walking, we saw a women with several blue and yellow scarves. She asked if any of us were running the Marathon and I told her I was only running the 5K. We figured out we had gone the wrong direction so we decided to walk on the other side of the street. We came upon the church at the finish line. There I found out that the scarves were made for the Marathoners this year:

11 Boston 4-18-14

We eventually found the marathon expo (the huge sign outside helped) and we headed inside. It was always my intent to spend money at the expo. I couldn’t buy a jacket (well… more accurately, shouldn’t buy one of the jackets… even if the airport was selling them too…) but I could buy t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Almost as soon as we got into the expo, I found out that I could sign up for the Disney races that I will be running in January. This was rather convenient because if I signed up there it meant Eric wouldn’t have to sign me up (Registration opened during the time I was going to be in the air on the way back to Chicago). So after standing in line and getting a free backpack, that over and done with.

We walked around and though both of my parents have been to expo’s with me, they have never been to one on this kind of scale. We all found plenty of things to purchase and left once we were done. I think we spent a good 2 to 3 hours there.

There was little point going back to the hotel only to turn around maybe an hour later for food so we found a Starbucks to sit at and find a place to eat. There was just one issue… I needed my pre-race pizza. Unfortunately, pizza doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal in Boston as it is in Chicago so we ended up at Pizzeria Uno (yes, a Chicago Restaurant in Boston… go figure). Oh well…

After dinner it was back to the Hotel for an early bed time… we would all be getting up early for the race the next morning.



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