Weekly Training Report: April 21st – 27th

April 21-27

First of all, you may notice it has been a while since I posted a weekly training report. Long story short, I didn’t run much in the middle of April. I will recap the BAA race with the rest of my Boston posts and I will go into more detail about my lack of running when I recap the month.

Monday – Boston Marathon Spectating!

Short version – It was AMAZING! Truly a memorable experience! Sorry, you will have to wait until I post the longer version… in a couple of weeks by the looks of things…

Tuesday – Rest

In my defense, I considered running several times. The weather was decent but I was exhausted. I was also STARVING when I got home. Running when that hungry just isn’t smart. Neither is running after wolfing down too much food. It was also REALLY nice to just be lazy on my couch.

Wednesday – 2.47 Miles

Since I hadn’t done much in the way of “Training” I decided to just get out there for a run. Pace and distance did not matter. I decided it would be nice to run my favorite route. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and saw my pace. Most of the run I felt tired and sluggish. Pretty sure the lack of sleep while in Boston caught up with me.

Thursday – Rest

I didn’t feel like running. Plain and simple. The weather wasn’t the greatest either. So I just decided to bail on the plan of running. I am also going to point out that I crawled into bed close to 8 because I was pretty tired.

Friday – Rest

Yea ok – Again, just didn’t feel like running. Plus the wind was crazy. I toyed with the idea of doing my longer run but my heart wasn’t in it at all so I knew that would make for a rather unpleasant long run attempt. Instead, I enjoyed the nice weather by walking to/from packet pick-up and getting some frozen yogurt.

Saturday – 4.49Miles

I had such high hopes for this run. I needed at least 7 miles but wanted 8. I decided to run 3.50 miles north and assess how I was feeling and if I was still feeling good I would another half mile north before turning around. I also figured that if I wasn’t feeling the greatest at 3.50 mile I could turn around and still add if I was feeling decent when I got closer to home. About a half a mile into the run, I knew I was not going to get 8. About another half mile later I questioned whether I would even get 7. The wind was brutal… so brutal that I had tears streaming down my face. It was also COLD and though, I did eventually warm up, it took longer than normal. My stomach also didn’t feel right and I quickly figured out that it would have been smarter to wait another before heading out for the run to let my breakfast settle more. Needless to say when I stopped for water around 2.25 miles, I just couldn’t keep running north. But I can only go so far south before having to turn back around and it was NOT warm enough to run far enough south to get the mileage and then walk home. I made the decision to just run home and call it a day. I was a bit disappointed but it had also been a solid 3 weeks since I have done a longer run. Plus I had only done roughly 10 miles over the past 3 weeks. So really, all things considered it was not terrible.

Sunday – Ravenswood 5K

In case you missed it, you can read my full recap here. Overall, I really liked the race and it was a lot of fun running with Anne and Mo. Plus, I felt decent running… although I could have done without the strong headwind on Lawrence. My feet were also a bit raw from my attempted long run on Saturday… clearly I did not considered that ahead of time. I think what I really need are new running socks.


Yea, so training has kind of gone to hell in a hand-basket. This is why I don’t follow plans, because if I get sidelined then I find it cumbersome to get back on track. So after stressing about it a little bit I have decided to take a better approach to the next 3 or so weeks of training before SF10. I will work on maintaining my nice little solid base that I spent the winter working and I will throw in a longer run when I can but I won’t give myself any pressure to do so. My schedule is pretty hectic this week and next with some things that I can’t really fit in a run around. Plus with a solid week of expected rain… running long doesn’t look to feasible.

I KNOW I can finish SF10 and I actually think I can still run a pretty decent race. I am in better shape right now than I was at this time last year. I think as long as I still get in at least about 5 or 6 miler, I should be perfectly fine. My goal for SF10 isn’t lofty so I think I can still nail it. But the next couple of weeks will be telling. I really just need to work on getting back out there consistently.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Training Report: April 21st – 27th

  1. Running when you’re tired and/or exhausted is never a good plan, I’m not sure how much you’d get out of those kinds of runs anyway. Sometimes I make myself do it when I don’t want to (but otherwise feel good) and I actually feel better and glad that I ran.

    The wind has been so rough lately! Like, ever since the Pi Run, just about all of my runs have had a mile or two going straight into a headwind. But think of how easy it’ll be if that wind ever lets up! If….

    And it sounds like you may need new socks, yours may be too loose if they’re making the bottoms of your feet hurt. Hope you can find something that works a little better.

    • Yea… that is more or less why I decided to just not run most of last week. And I REALLY hope the wind dies down eventually….

      Totally agree with you, I think I need new running socks. Have had most of my pairs of running socks for 5 years now… which is likely way too long.

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