Race Recap: Race to Wrigley 5K


1 Race to Wrigley 4-12-14The Front of the Shirt

2 Race to Wrigley 4-12-14
The Back of the Shirt

Saturday was the Race to Wrigley 5K. I like this race a lot because it isn’t your typical race course on the Lakefront Trail. Instead, you get to run through Wrigleyville and then through the lower concourse of the stadium.

The weather magically turned to spring last week and so on Friday, I took advantage and decided to walk to/from packet pick-up. Wrigley Field is about 2 miles from my place so it was about a 4 mile round trip that didn’t take too long. The wind was insane though and there was a lot of dirt and debris flying around. I then had pizza for dinner and went to bed early.

There were fewer friends running this one this year, but that’s ok. We kept it close and personal. Eric wasn’t running but said he would go with me and cheer me and our friends on, which is was really nice since it meant getting up early (for him) without actually running. He was also nice enough to be my personal bag check.

We met up with our friend Kurt about 20 minutes before the race started. Vijay was running late and apparently the red line skipped the stop so he ended up being real late for the race.

Given my leg issues last week, I was a bit anxious about the race. I really don’t want an injury right now and I was trying out a different pair of running shoes in hopes that it would solve the knee issues. But this was never a goal race so I had mentally decided to just run it a leisurely pace.

I lined up a few minutes before the race and was off. I was actually feeling pretty good but was getting thirsty pretty quickly. It was far warmer than it had been and in hindsight, a t-shirt or tank top might have been a smarter choice instead of the long sleeve I wore but oh well.

I was VERY happy to see that the race actually added an additional water station on the course. Typically (and in past years) there has only been about half way through the race but this year there was one at about the one mile mark and then again at the two mile mark. Awesome job race organizers! Although, I will admit, when I came to the first water stop, I was nervous that they just set up in the wrong spot and I would be going the last two miles without water. Thank goodness that fear wasn’t reality.

After the second water station I picked up a little bit of speed but I could tell that my heart wasn’t in this race. It was never a goal race and I was starting to get a blister on my right instep… which is hardly ideal…

I sprinted to the finish but my conservative start was evident by the finish time on the clock. Meh. Like I said, I went with a leisurely pace.

Afterwards, I got my Water, bagel and Iced Tea Juice thing (Argo tea was giving out tea in glass bottles… I didn’t really want the tea but an extra glass drinking bottle is pretty good) and looked for Eric.

And I quickly realized that not choosing an EXACT meeting spot wasn’t all that smart… especially since I did not run with my phone. Whoops… It took me about 20 minutes of walking around to find him.

But luckily by then, we had very little time to wait for Kurt and Vijay to finish the race. We didn’t stick around too much after that and instead, headed over to Clark’s for Breakfast. We sat around and chatted for quite a bit before parting ways.

My Official Time – 33:54 for a 10:57 Pace

Race to Wrigley 2014 Results

5 thoughts on “Race Recap: Race to Wrigley 5K

  1. Sorry to hear about the blister. Maybe it is due to your new shoes? Anyway, sounds like a fun race – running through the Wrigley Field concourse and all. Plus the 2nd aid station is a nice addition.

    • I think I was wearing the wrong socks actually. I have worn these shoes before and never had an issue but was always wearing different socks with them.

      Yea – I was thrilled with the added water station since it was warmer than it had been in past years.

  2. It sounds like the blister was the only real issue you had, so maybe it was just the shoes? Hopefully? 🙂

    I really like the race shirt this year! I saw a few people sporting theirs on the lakefront on Saturday afternoon and thought they were really nice.

    • I think it was the socks. Have worn the shoes to a few races but always wore what I deem my “race” socks with them. I didn’t wear those socks this time because I didn’t want to race this race. I also didn’t want to force myself to do laundry before going to Boston… In all reality, I just didn’t want to do laundry.

      Yea – The race shirt was awesome this year. Last year was ok and the year before the race shirt was just huge so hopefully the race shirt will continue to get better.

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