“Running is always an exercise in humility”

How fitting that this is the RW Quote of the day in my inbox this morning…

Since my wonderful longer run on Saturday, I have had a bit of pain on the outside of my left leg. I felt it briefly after the run on Saturday but not at all during the day on Sunday… at least not until about half way through my run on Sunday.

I finished the run but was concerned. I decided to take Monday and Tuesday off and have one extra rest day for the week. I also rolled out more and stretched a lot.

Yesterday, I geared up for my longer run of the week. Knowing full and damn well that I might be bailing about half way through. I had 7 miles planned

The first few blocks were quite painful but then things seemed to loosen up and the pain lessened the more I ran. But near the 1.50 mile mark, the pain started to return a bit but it wasn’t constant pain so I continued on. By two miles the pain was becoming more constant. I stopped for water and that might have been my undoing. The first few steps after that stop were VERY painful. I ran another half mile south hoping it would loosen up again. It did but the pain was constant.

By 3 miles, I knew I wasn’t going to be running 7 miles. I decided to just run home from there. But about a half mile later, I decided that really wasn’t smart. Since the weather was nice enough for me to walk home without freezing, that is what I did.

Surprisingly, on the walk home, things seemed to loosen up a lot and the pain went away. Which sort of makes me angry because now I wonder if things would have gotten better had I kept running. Because other than the pain… it was shaping up to be an awesome…

But, I have my first goal race coming up in a little over a week and I do not need an injury right now.

I wonder if it is my IT Band because the pain is in that location but when I roll out, it doesn’t hurt… and I know from past experience that when my IT Band flares rolling out is incredibly painful… Like I want to scream painful. Thus far, rolling out has not been painful at all.

My other thought is that perhaps it is time to retire the shoes since they have nearly 300 running miles on them. None of that counts the miles walked in them. And if I did count those miles then it is very likely that I am closer to 400 miles.

Overly cautious is now the name of the game. I would rather take extra rest days then attempting another run. So, outside of my race on Saturday, I will rest instead of run. The long runs will be canceled until I return from Boston. I will continue to stretch/roll out and I will probably do some strength training exercises. Next week, I will try out a run in a new pair of running shoes.

This might be too cautious but I really do NOT want to risk injury. The 5K in Boston is too important to me. Further, I have this little 10 mile race coming up in about 6 weeks. I will try out a 6 mile run when I get back from Boston and then evaluate and revamp the training plan from there.

I am bummed and a bit angry about the current situation but I think this is the smartest decision for the time being.



6 thoughts on ““Running is always an exercise in humility”

  1. Sounds like you made a wise choice. Better to under-do it a little than overdo it. Getting to the starting line in Boston sounds more important that a few extra training miles which could risk an injury! 🙂

  2. I don’t think runners can ever be too cautious! This sounds like a smart and sound plan. I hope you’re able to figure out what’s going on!

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