March in Review

March 2014

I will admit, going into March I was a bit nervous. For the first time since September, I would add in one longer run a week. To add to my apprehension, it would be the first time doing so since going off the birth control.

Since I went off the birth control, I had a LOT of success with running. It took about a month and a half for the meds to completely work their way out of my system… which I noticed because I would get short periods of be nausea. But it was never for more than 10 minutes and it was never as severe (like in the fetal position laying on my couch) as it had been. I was really concerned that it was a fluke. That perhaps keeping pretty much all of my runs to 3 miles or less gave me false hope.

I set my first longer run at 4 miles but I wanted to do 4.50 so when I headed out, I decided if I was feeling good, I would add on that extra half mile. I knew this run would be a true test. Since I went on the birth control, I was incapable of doing a run that was more 3 miles without getting nausea.

The run was a success. Not once did I feel nausea during the run OR after the run. I was still anxious when I laced up to head out for my 5 mile run… but afterwards, with no hint of being nausea, I knew the problem was in the past.

This means that I will no longer head out for a run with apprehension and fear. Yes, fear. Running was getting to the point where I would actually fear being nausea after. Which in turn made it increasingly difficult for me to lace up and head out. And looking back, I honestly think that is why I bailed on training last October and then finally made the decision to go off the birth control in November. That fear was holding me back and it was only getting worse.

Ok – Let’s move on, shall we?

March 2014 Log

Despite taking a couple of extra rest days at the end of the month, I had a lot of success. Not every run was rainbows and sunshine. But I didn’t find myself struggling as much. I started to feel stronger and, quite frankly, happier. A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was able to be happy running again. And of course, running with friends a few times throughout the month never hurt either.

March Days 2014

I did fall one day short of March goal to run 20 times. But I am ok with that because…

MTD Miles - March 2014

I had my highest March Mileage ever by close to 10 miles. So yes, I did take two extra days for the month, but I still had an awesome month for mileage. How can I be upset for missing one goal when I blew another one out of the water?

March Averages 2014

I started to track averages per month. I was curious to see what they were. And, well, because I like excel. So I started to track my average pace and my average mileage. For the first time in a VERY long time, I averaged over 3 miles for the month. I didn’t track this in the past (but I might go back and compile the data… yes, I like excel) but I don’t think I have done that since early 2011… perhaps even 2010. I was also happy to see that my pace hadn’t slowed too much now that I am throwing in a longer run each week. I had fully expected to see my pace for those runs to be around 11:00 if not higher. But thus far, they have all stayed under 11:00. I know part of that has to do with the cooler temps but I think the other part has to do with the base building work that I put in during November through February. That was the whole point behind base building and so far, I think it paid off.


I am really pleased with my training for the month. Not only has a huge weight been lifted off my shoulders but I have actually felt stronger while running. Slowly but surely I am seeing the rewards of the work I have put in.

The racing season has officially begun, and I have some goal races fast approaching. I am continuing to train for SF10 with success. I have also started to increase my daily run to over 3 miles.

I have 3 races scheduled for April and I am on pace to hit my Boston pledge goal. Granted, taking those two extra days in March means I am now have zero wiggle room for the next two weeks of running but I think I can make it work.

The weather is also slowly turning for the better. I am no where near being able to put away the winter running gear but I haven’t had to wear as many layers lately. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel… I just hope it’s not a freight train…



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