Throwback Wednesday – December 2012

For December, I tried to keep up with my goal of running 3 days a week and going to Yoga 2 or 3 times a week.

I had found instructors and classes at my Yoga studio that I really enjoyed. So every week, those were the classes that I was taking. I was doing a Power Sculpt Yoga class on Tuesdays and a Yoga Basic class on Saturdays. I occasionally threw in a dance type class on Fridays if I didn’t have any other plans. And really… weekends in December are usually really busy.

The main thing was to try to focus on running. I didn’t have any goals in mind for mileage or pace. I just needed to get out there and run. I had an overall plan for 2013 and this was just the first step to making that plan work.

Luckily the weather was still pretty decent so it wasn’t difficult to get outside and run. I was also really enjoying the Vibrams that I was wearing.

When I went to TX for Christmas, I brought my running gear. I was able to get in one run but then the weather turned and it got drastically colder.

When I packed for my trip and had checked the weather, it looked like it was supposed to be warmer. So I packed running gear for warmer weather. All of a sudden it got cold… very cold and I didn’t have any gear for cold weather running. I didn’t even have gloves or a hat. As a result, I ended up not running for the rest of my trip…

Overall though, it was a pretty a successful month. I felt like I was making progress. I had a plan for 2013 and I was optimistic that everything would turn around in the new year.

But first, I had a race to run…


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