Throwback Wednesday – Turkey Day 5K 2012

It’s odd that a race that is mere blocks from my home… and has been for several years, is also one that never made it on my race schedule. That’s not to say I never wanted to do the race before… the timing just never worked out.

I was excited to do this race for the first time. And I got insanely lucky with the weather too. It was a beautiful sunny day and it had been warm most of the week. It was a great day for a race.

I headed over the race with mom and dad. I lined up while they waited near the finish line for me. I didn’t really have any time goals in mind but I really wanted to run the race without walking (except for water stations like always). It had been a really bad year of racing for me. I was bummed that times had slowed so drastically and that running a 5K actually felt like a lot for me. It was a far cry from the previous two years of running.

I was a tad overdressed for the race, but not too much. I also chose to wear my Vibrams for the first time in a race. I was curious to see how that would go.

The race was an interesting course and of all the ones I have run in my neighborhood, this is the only one that had a different course… we got to run on Lakeshore Drive. So I was excited about that. Sure, we still did some running through the park but a good portion of the race was on LSD.

As I made my way through the race, I enjoyed it. It really was a beautiful day out and I kept a steady pace going. Running on LSD was a very cool experience… even if there was only bright orange cones separating us from traffic…. Which was a bit unnerving. So I tried to stay as far right as possible.

I actually felt pretty decent for most of the race. Towards the end there was a bit of fatigue but overall, I felt good. And more importantly, I hit my goal of running the whole thing. Definitely a rare event for the year. So I was really pleased with the race.

Timing does not always work out well for this race but it is one I would definitely do again.

My official time 34:55 for a 11:16 Pace

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