Long Run Success

Yesterday I headed out for my longer run of the week.

The previous week had been a decent run but I had noticed the fatigue earlier in the run and had to struggle a bit to finish. That and the wind and being under-dressed made for a not entirely enjoyable experience.

I always find it odd when the longer distance run goes better than the shorter distance. My 6 mile run yesterday felt far better then the 5.50 miles the previous week.

But I guess that is running for you…

Despite the fact that overall I have been avoiding the Lakefront Trail lately because it REALLY is cooler by the lakefront, I opted to use that as part of my course for this run. I didn’t want to run back and forth in the parking lot again. And I also didn’t want to loop my hillier park. I briefly considered using the full park, but since I am not sure if the full gravel area is muddy or not, I didn’t want to chance it and have to re-direct at the last minute.

So to the LFT I went. Heading east towards the lake was chilly… very chilly. But once I turned north, I felt a lot warmer. I decided to go only as far as Addison… which is about 2.25 miles. I was feeling good the entire way up to Addison. I felt strong and energetic. I was comfortable… well… as comfortable as you can be while running. Once I reached my turn around point, I stopped for some water and then headed back south…

What a different story. Running south was COLD. The wind was blowing right at me and I had to put the hood back up to keep warm… and even then I could still feel the biting wind. I had never completely decided if I would continue south past Fullerton and then turn back North to finish the run. But after over two miles in that wind, I had to get off the LFT.

So where did I end up… yep… the parking lot…

Luckily I only had to run up it once because after that I just ran the rest back home. And running south was still COLD. It was a tad warmer about a block off the lake but still REALLY cold.

I was surprised that I was still feeling pretty strong. I was fading a bit and felt a bit fatigued but overall I felt good. And running North was heaven compared to running south.

I was very happy with the run. Mostly, I was happy that I felt strong for most of it. The past two runs were much more of a struggle to get through…. like considered bailing numerous times struggle.

Perhaps my winter of base building got me here. I certainly struggled through longer runs a lot more last year. And sure, there will probably still be some struggles this year but so far it doesn’t seem to be as bad.

My only issue now is water… The water fountains are not turned on yet… and at the rate we are going, are not likely to be turned on for a couple months still. I am pretty sure I will need more than 10 ounces when I do 6.50 miles next week and for the weeks after as well. Especially if it is warmer (and goodness, I hope it will be). So it looks like I might have to start using my fuel belt… which is not my favorite option. Or figure out a way to loop back to the CARA Water Fountain in the park… preferably without mud…




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