Weekly Training Report: March 17th – 23rd

Mar 17 - 23

Monday – 5.53 Miles

I headed out for this run after checking the weather probably three times from the time I got home and the time I left for the run… I was inside my place maybe 20 minutes at most. I had also mapped out a course earlier in the day. Thank goodness for Map My Run. I got outside and it felt colder than the weather said it would be but I thought maybe I just needed to warm up. I headed to the Lakefront trail. The plan was to go north about a mile and then head south for 3 and then head back home… this would allow me to have the wind at my back for the last 2ish miles. I was going well until I headed back south and came to Fullerton…. and saw that there was a massive pile of ice that had wash ashore. I didn’t want to go on the upper bank where there was a higher chance for mud so I re-routed and went to the parking lot behind the zoo… I swear this is becoming my long spot even when I try to run somewhere else. About 3 miles in, I started having some slight GI Issues. I will spare you the details but it was a first for me. With my over 4 years of running, I have never had GI issues while running. I am fairly certain too much fiber during the day is the culprit so hopefully that was a one off. It was a decent run and I was happy with the pace. But Holy Moly I was drastically under-dressed. The wind was far stronger than the weather suggested which led to me being really cold for pretty much the entire run.

Tuesday – 2.68 Miles

I intended to run 3 miles but it was my 6th day running in a row plus I did my two longer runs on the same cycle… I forgot how tiring that it for the body… been a LONG time since I have done that. So I cut the run a little short and decided that Wednesday would be a rest day. The one good thing about this run was that I did it through the slightly hillier Lincoln Park. They are not huge hills but there are tons of smaller ones and a couple of larger ones. I know that running the hillier course tends to make me a stronger runner overall. And luckily all the snow finally melted from the area.

Wednesday – Rest

Much needed rest day and it was also a really icky weather day… so I ended up planning this really well

Thursday – 3.02 Miles

I felt much better after my rest day. I headed out for my “hilly” course but on the way there ran into my best friend. So chatted a bit and once I was completely freezing… because I was dressed to run, we parted ways. It was a really awesome and I felt great.

Friday – 3.06 Miles

Back out for the hilly course. I dressed based on how it felt outside once I got off the bus and to my place. But it warmed up quite a bit in the 15 minutes or so I was inside. So I ended up being over-dressed. I am convinced I am going to spend the next several weeks being either over-dressed or under-dressed while this screwy weather makes up its mind. It was a good run though and I noticed on the first half I felt very strong. Still fading a bit on the back half but I will get there.

Saturday – 3.02 Miles

The weather ended up being a LOT nicer than I originally thought it would be. It also got a lot warmer than the weather said it would be… so bonus. I just wish the sun had been out… I geared up and headed out and then my watch decided it didn’t want to locate the satellites. Recently, I have taken to bringing my watch with me so I can go through that process while on the way home from work or while running errands. Then I do my quick 15/20 minute change and head back out to satellites that locate right away. That was not the case on Saturday. I waited for about 15 minutes outside until I got too cold and went just inside the door of my building and waited another 10 minutes. I was getting annoyed so I decided to just run the course that I knew for sure was 3 miles because I know exactly where the 1.50 mile turn around point is. But as soon as I got out from underneath the awning of my building I looked at my watch and the satellites had located because it was registering my pace and distance already. SCORE! So I ran the hilly course that I wanted to run instead. Again, feeling strong on the first half and fading a bit on the second half. I noticed during my last half mile or so that the temp started to drop and I was no longer dressed appropriately. At least it was towards the end of the run…

Sunday – Rest

I woke up to see SNOW on the ground and falling from the sky. I am so sick of this winter. This year has just been brutal. I spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon being insanely lazy on my couch. Then Eric text me that he wanted to go to Ikea to buy a dresser and new office chair. He asked if I would go with him so I could help him do the lifting. I figured why not… as long as we avoided the areas of the store where I might be inclined to buy things. I walked out with less than $20 of things… which is definitely a first. We then went to get pizza because we were both starving. Apparently everyone else in the city had the same idea because they were REALLY busy and there was a wait. I then proceeded to eat WAY too much because I was so hungry once we got the food. Whoops… At least I am doing my longer run today…


I am really pleased with my training from last week. With the exception of the one run I bailed on a little early, all the others were great. It feels like my base building from the winter has done me a lot of good and I finally feeling like the runner from 2010.

This week I have a 6 mile run for my longer run which I plan to do today. Sunday is the Shamrock Shuffle 8K so I will have two longer runs this week… for the first time in a LONG time. My plan is to take Friday and Saturday off as rest days before the race but the weather may not cooperate with my plan to run today through Thursday… so I may need to get in an extra run on Friday or Saturday… I REALLY don’t want to run the day before a race though…

Fingers crossed that the weather will (mostly) cooperate this week…

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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