Throwback Wednesday – Running & Yoga

After Hot Chocolate, I knew I needed to work on getting back on Track. I had been fudging my way through racing most of the year and my race times showed that. Not only was I unhappy with that but I really wasn’t feeling like myself.

To add to my desire to run more, I had new running shoes. I had purchased a pair of Vibram Five Fingers and was eager to try them out long term. I had already been wearing them on some of my runs but I wasn’t racing in them yet. I still needed to build up to running three miles in them.

I decided that I would give running three days a week a shot and see how things go. I was doing pretty well and was making some progress and starting to feel more like myself. The mileage was low but manageable.

At the time, I was trying to figure out if running three days a week was good for me. I knew that in order to keep anaerobic capacity, you need to run at least 3 days a week. So that was the base I used for choosing my three day a week goal. After months of barely running at all, I knew I needed a small schedule to get myself back out there… But trying to do too much too soon would backfire.

I started going to Yoga on the days I wasn’t running. My overall hope was that I would be able to run 3 days a week and then do three days a week of Yoga and have one rest day a week. Then perhaps, once my body got used to both, I would run one extra day a week either before or after the yoga class.

I know that yoga is good for runners because it stretches you and it also helps to strengthen some of the areas of the body that we, as runners, use most frequently. I had found a studio that I was enjoying and after a few weeks of experimenting, I found a few classes/instructors that I really enjoyed as well.

I also found that if I got a slight head cold, I could still do yoga even if I wasn’t able to run. That was a HUGE plus for me.

So that was my short term plan for get me back on track. My first test would be the Turkey Day 5K race…


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