Pi Day Fun Run

Friday was Pi Day (3-14) and Fleet Feet was hosting a fun run with the Illinois Science Council. I did this run last year and had a lot of fun so decided to sign up again. Right after I signed up, Anne asked the rest of the WRCE if we should do the run. Everyone was nice enough to join me at the Old Town location instead of Lincoln Square. I was definitely looking forward to the run.

It probably should have been an omen… but Friday was not going my way. I wanted to run my errands for the weekend before heading home to change and then over to Fleet Feet but the bus was not cooperating so I only got one of my errands done. Then Eric was early to my place so we could head to Fleet Feet together… like I am half dressed throwing things frantically into my backpack early. Now I know how he feels when I do it to him… In my defense, I am ALWAYS early. Eric, though never later, is rarely 15 minutes early. And for the record, I was ready by the time I said I would be.

We waited a few minutes for the bus and ran into Chris once we got on. Once we got to Fleet Feet, I head to the back of the store and then realize I lost Chris and Eric… who are about to look up their bib number for the wrong event. After pointing that out them, we headed to the back of the store. Apparently the packet pick-up and fun run did cause some confusion for some people.

While waiting to check-in, I found a friend of mine from Volleyball. After we checked in and got our shirts, we were in search for other WRCE members. We found Erin and when I went to introduce her to my volleyball friend, I completely messed up Erin’s name and totally blanked on my friend’s name. Oh yea… I am doing really well here. I still feel really bad about that.

I decided to wear the Pi Day shirt because it was REALLY windy and I knew the temperature would be dropping soon. We all headed outside to start the run and holy moly it WAS REALLY WINDY. It was definitely cooling off too. The owner of Fleet Feet started us off with a short speech and talked about the course. They changed the course that day due to the melting snow that caused issues on the original course. I was actually really glad that they did this because I knew what the course was from last year and I knew that most of it was not clear… at all. In fact most of it was completely underwater.

We were off and heading east toward the overpass over Lake Shore Drive to head north on the LFT. Aside from the wind and dropping temps, it was a pretty night. The sky was beautiful and I was enjoying the view of the city.

As we got close to the turnaround point, I realized that my hair was going to fall out of my ponytail soon. Shortly after turning around to head back south, I walked so I could fix my hair. But about a quarter of a mile later, I had to stop again to fix my hair… Then AGAIN after about a quarter mile… I was insanely annoyed at this point and I could tell that perhaps it was time for a new ponytail tie because the one I had was too loose. So I decided to do a half French braid. The only flaw with this plan was that the wind was now, for the most part, at my back. I ended up walking backwards for a bit just so I could braid my hair. Once I was finished with my (which I am sure was a VERY ugly) half French braid, I had no more hair issues.

By this point, between battling the wind and my hair, I was just sort of done with running. Instead, I was more interested in eating Pizza… although, in reality, it is rare for me to NOT be interested in eating pizza.

Everyone was still waiting for me when I was done and we all waited for Anne to finish as well. We then rushed back to the store because it was COLD.

I grabbed my pizza and a bottle of water while everyone else got pizza, pie and beer and we all chit-chatted for a while. Erin ended up winning a cookbook for coming in second place on the Pi Trivia contest. We took a group photo before heading out for the night.

Pi Day Fun Run 3-14-14This Photo was taken from Anne

All in all it was fun night. Definitely plan to do this run again next year… minus the hair issues and hopefully minus the extreme wind…


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