Weekly Training Report: March 10th – 16th

Mar 10 - 16

Monday – 3.02 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

Monday was a gorgeous day and I couldn’t wait to get outside and hit the Lakefront Trail. Everyone was out and it was great to see. There was still one huge puddle that was unavoidable but aside from that the LFT looked great. I didn’t even need to bundle up and actually found that I was way overdressed for my run. Once I got home, I did a few at home strength training exercises for the lower body.

Tuesday – Rest

Mother nature decided to slap us in the face after we all got so excited for spring on Monday… The temperature dropped throughout the day and sun went into hiding. I took the day as a rest day and spent the evening with my best friend. In hindsight, I might have been better off running instead of taking it as a rest day though.

Wednesday – Rest

Yep, another bad weather day. We got about 6 inches of snow overnight. I really hope that is the last of it for the season. The sun did come out in the afternoon and it looked beautiful outside. I toyed with the idea of going for a run but it was really cold and I just didn’t have it in me

Thursday – 5.01 Miles

I knew I needed to get my longer run for the week done and it was the best day for it… although, Monday would have been better. I wouldn’t be able to get in the extra miles on Friday and I knew I wouldn’t want to on Saturday or Sunday. But it was insanely windy and I battled it for the entire run. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I considered bailing on the run but I pushed through. I was miserable though. Running into the wind was brutal and running with the wind, I was overdressed.

Friday – 3.14 Miles Pi Day Run

Friday I met up with the Wurst Running Club Ever (WRCE) at Fleet Feet in Old Town for the Pi Day Fun Run. It was a lot warmer but the wind was insane and just before the run was to start the temperature started to drop making it a LOT colder out. This was not a stellar run for me… but I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Saturday – 3.02 Miles

When I went to the grocery store, I was rather surprised that it wasn’t as cold or windy as it was supposed to be. When I got home, I took a look at the weather and knew that I had about an hour before the wind was supposed to pick up. So I dressed and headed out… except I was still insanely full from breakfast. So the run didn’t feel the greatest and I was battling the wind a bit.

Sunday – 1.11 Miles

This run was mostly so I could get in my 5th running day and I also REALLY wanted 15 miles for the week and I was only a mile away. Originally the plan was to go to the gym and run on the track and then strength train. But I just didn’t want to hike it over there. I lounged on my couch waiting as long as I could because the wind was supposed to be slowing the later in the day it got. But by 4 I knew it was now or never. Except there was a new issue… a stand-off on Lake Shore Drive which shut down LSD and made for quite the traffic mess in my neighborhood. I was originally going to do 1.50 miles on the LFT since I have a good route for that. But I figured today would not be a good day for heading to the LFT so I ran on Lakeview by the park instead and decided to just run until I hit Diversey and turn around…. knowing I was likely going to be short of my original 1.50 mile plan. But considering how incredibly windy it was… I was perfectly content with the shorter run.


I am really happy with my training for the week…. despite my struggles with the wind. Two of my runs were just really terrible but not too much I can do about that… I am blaming the wind. And it is still better than running indoors.

Not only did I hit my mini goal of 15 miles for the week but I also crossed 100 miles for the year. Last year I didn’t hit 100 Miles until the end of April. Plus I hit 100 miles about a week earlier than I did in 2010… so I am feeling good about the running.

The weather looks to be ok this week but still not exactly spring weather. I am going to try to run Monday through Friday and then have two days in a row off… but I am also hoping the weather will cooperate. We shall see. Longer run for this week is 5.50 miles at least… I think I am going to go for it today so it is off my shoulders for the rest of the week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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