Picture Friday

Monday Weather
Monday Weather – Gorgeous Day and I thoroughly enjoyed my run on the LFT

Storm Warning
Tuesday Weather – Seriously?!?!?!

Wednesday Weather
Wednesday Weather – Ugh

Thursday Weather
Thursday Weather – Well this sucks

10 Day
The 10 Day Forecast… Can we say Roller Coaster?

Long Run
This was the only thing helping me get through my long run yesterday – I forgot how much running in the Wind sucks. At least the sun finally came out

Long Run 3-13-14
I cannot begin to tell you how many times I considered bailing on this run. The wind was strong. Running into the wind I was cold and miserable. Running with the wind I was too hot. I was determined to get this done though. The one bright side of this run… At least I was under an 11:00 pace

Snow& Sun
Snow on the Tree with the Sun Shining – It really did look pretty

Marathon - M&M Calories
And I just thought this funny so wanted to share

Have a great Weekend everyone!

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