Strength Training & Running

After three successful months of maintaining both strength training and running… it has all come to an end for the most part. I kind of saw this coming… I knew once I upped the mileage that the strength training would slide.

In the beginning of February when I started to notice I was more fatigued than normal, I opted to cut back on the strength training. The base building I was doing was to prep me for training for my spring race schedule… so I couldn’t really cut back on the running. Though, I did scale back a bit on the mileage.

Since then, I have decided my running will be done outside from now on. The mental ability to run indoors was long gone and I could not fight it anymore. My easy access to strength training, therefore, was also eliminated. I do have free weights at home and some equipment. But for some reason, I find it more difficult to do strength training at home than at the gym.

I know I need to maintain both and I know plenty of body weight or free weight exercises that I can easily do at home.

And truth be told, I am starting to dial up the mileage a bit. With at least one run a week longer and trying to keep the rest of the runs at a minimum of 3 miles, it is more difficult to strength train after a run. Especially the legs… they are just more fatigued. Also, running on concrete is more difficult than the cushy track I was on. I definitely noticed this last week… my legs need some time to adjust to that a bit.

I have been trying to maintain something and I keep trying to come up with a good solution to balance both but haven’t done a good job of it yet. I know once the weather gets nicer, I can end my run at the gym and then walk home. Unfortunately, it is too cold to wear several thin layers to run in and then walk a mile home in them. I suppose I could give it a go… but I don’t see that ending well. I could also jog home but am concerned that I might be too tired.

I realize I am probably over-thinking this too. But I know the fatigue I tend to feel after strength training and it is not conducive to good running for me.

I am toying with the idea of dialing down the mileage once or twice a week and doing strength training on those days. Then on the others day just do some simple stuff at home. Also considering using one of my two rest days a week to devote to strength training. Which will leave me with one day of rest a week. Only potential issue with that will be the weeks where I actually do need two rest days due to schedule.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to maintain both?


4 thoughts on “Strength Training & Running

  1. I’ve been able to do both running and strength for a while, but I think I run fewer days per week than you do. I typically only run 3 days, which is still a pretty good base, and that way I can get a couple strength workouts in each week. If you don’t want to cut out any of your runs, maybe try doing strength on a rest day and see how you feel.

    • Yea – I run 5 days a week. After a couple of years of experimenting with how many days a week to run, 5 seems to work best for me.

      I do like the idea of using one of my rest days for Strength training so I think I will give that a shot next week and see how it goes.

  2. I run 4 days a week and cross train and strength train the 2 other days. I don’t typically run and strength train right afterwards unless I do a short core workout after my run. If I do a double day workout, I try to spread my workouts apart so I can give my body some rest in between. I remember you said you go to the DePaul gym and they offer some great classes for cross training.

    • I do and I really need to take a look at the classes. I just don’t have the ability to do double days because of my work schedule… which sometimes sucks.

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