Weekly Training Report: March 3rd – 9th

Mar 3-9Monday – 2.14 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

After deciding last week that I could no longer mentally handle running indoors, I made the decision to take the running outside for the week. Monday was cold… like single digit cold. I layered up big time and headed out for a run. Knowing that this week I would need to add back in a longer run to start my prep for the spring races, I opted to keep my runs around 2 miles. It was a chilly run but it also felt great. Far greater than any of my runs had been in recent weeks. I then did a handful of exercises when I got home… but yea… not nearly to the same degree I have been doing at the gym.

Tuesday – 2.08 Miles & Upper Body Strength Training

It was warmer than Monday but I still needed a lot of layers as I headed out for my run. I was feeling good and I briefly considered going for the longer run… until I remembered that I did not bring water with me… so there goes that idea. Did some exercises once I got home… but it is safe to say that strength training has fallen… a lot. Part of me just REALLY wanted to focus on running this week and just enjoy that.

Wednesday – Rest

We got quite a bit of snow overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. So I planned early in the week to take it as a rest day. Instead I had a Fashion Magazine Date with my best friend. We ate pizza and critiqued Spring Vogue. It was wonderful!

Thursday – 4.58 Miles

I opted to do my longer run on Thursday instead of Friday like I originally thought. The weather, though colder, was slated to be less windy so decided it would be better of the two days. I layered up and headed out. I was going to go to the Lakefront Trail but while waiting for the light to change at an intersection, I made a last minute decision to stick to the parking lot behind the zoo. I had been running there all week and knew there would be no puddles to deal with and minimal ice. Despite having to run up and down the parking lot several times, it was the best decision. I knew I needed at least 4 but I wanted 4.50 miles. On my last lap that brought me towards my starting point, I knew that 4 would happen without difficulty and I also knew that I needed to run back a little bit before turning to head back home. I set a turn around point and mileage in mind… I would run back down the parking lot until I hit either the turn around spot or the mileage… whichever came first. I would be perfectly content with whatever mileage that gave me when I got home. The turn around point came first and I was thrilled that I was still feeling really good. When I got home, I saw that I nailed my 4.50 mile goal and I was even pleasantly surprised that my pace was decent. Yes, this is why I love outdoor running.

Friday – 2.03 Miles

I was only slightly stiff from the previous days run… but I also think that was mostly due to the cold weather. I wanted to through in a little bit of speed work so I decided I would throw in some short sprints during the run… one of those, pick a land mark and sprint to it kind of things. So nothing structured. I was doing pretty good with this until I hit the mile mark and turned around to head back and my watch kept telling me “Lap error”. I have never seen this before so had no idea what was going on. I then spent about a half mile messing with my watch and trying to get the error to stop flashing… which meant I stopped a few times. Ehhh… not the best way to do speed work but oh well. Still not sure what I was getting that error.

Saturday – Rest

I was just tired all day. I attempted to nap twice and just couldn’t. I did make it to the grocery store and got some laundry done but for the most part, I was rather useless.

Sunday – 3.84 Miles WRCE Brunch Run

I woke up insanely early on Sunday… I still felt REALLY tired but I was also in that fully awake and alert state so I knew attempting to go back to sleep would be pointless. I also knew that I had a brunch run to get through but because I wake up so early, I wouldn’t be able to wait to eat until after the run. So I made myself some scrambled eggs and toast and prayed that my stomach wouldn’t cramp up on me since I would have two hours before I started running. Anne and Mo had mentioned they were running to the meet up spot and since I live right along the route they would be taking, they would text me when near and then “pick me up” on the way. They did the same thing with Eric since he also lives along their route. It was a beautiful sunny day. We ran to the meet up spot and waited a few minutes to see if anyone else would be joining. It turned out to be just us so I lead them on a tour of campus. There were probably more turns than any of us like, but I also knew that campus would have minimal ice patches. I also did too many loops through the quad so we ended up doing more than 3 miles… ooops! It was a wonderful run though and I had a lot of fun. We ended up at Prost! for brunch with a few other bloggers. I was still really full from my breakfast but enjoyed the food anyway… I just couldn’t eat all of it. It was a lovely way to spend my Sunday


I am REALLY pleased with my training for the week. Not only did I manage to get in my longest run since the beginning of November, but I also didn’t hurt while doing so. Proof that my base building paid off. To top it all off… there was no nausea after the run. I was scared that it would return since I haven’t really been doing anything over 2 – 3 miles but it did not! SOOOO excited about that! It was also my first week of nearly 15 miles in a LONG time.

On the plan for this week… I need to get in a 5 mile run and on Friday, I will be meeting up with WRCE for the Pi Day Fun Run with Fleet Feet. Looks like it will be an awesome week!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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