Winter Running – Butt and Thighs

Running outside in the cold is always a fun challenge of layers. There is a fine line between just the right amount and not enough. I have, on more than one occasion, worn too few or too many layers for a run. And with as cold as it has been this winter, I wonder if there truly is the perfect layer recipe.

However, it seems that no matter what I do there are always two spots on my body that are ALWAYS cold when I run outside in the winter… Yep… my butt and my thighs.

I have tried various combinations of tights and pants but none seem to work. I even tried a longer top to cover my butt but that failed as well. Typically, I wear a pair of running tights and then another pair of pants over the tights.

I should also point out that my feet, hands, and pretty much every other area of my body never feels cold. Well… to be honest, my entire body is usually a little cold for the first 5 minutes but after that everything warms up…. except for the butt and thighs. It also doesn’t seem to matter how far or fast I run either.

This leaves me wondering… Is this just a weird running thing that I just have to deal with or am I missing some crucial aspect?

Part of me wonders if the only way to avoid the butt and thigh freeze is to dress like this…
Christmas Story

But I really doubt that look is conducive to a good run… Although it is probably very conducive to a comical run…

Am I the only person who has the butt and thigh freeze? Do I just need to deal with it? Am I missing something?


4 thoughts on “Winter Running – Butt and Thighs

  1. I wear the Nike hyperwarm tights. They are so awesome. My legs don’t freeze unless I’m just standing around for a period of time. Also I wear the hyperwarm long sleeved shirt as my base layer. Then depending on the temp, short sleeved or a pullover and then my running jacket. Anything more than that, I start to overheat.

    • Thanks! Will look into the hyperwarm tights.

      I am definitely good with the layers I wear on top… Unless I try to be daring and wear too few (which I have done). Just never could figure out why my butt and thighs only seem to get cold.

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