February in Review

Feb 2014 AllIt wasn’t quite the February that I had envisioned. I decided to throw some extra rest days and I dialed back on the strength training a bit. I felt like the running just wasn’t there. Not sure if that is because I was fatigued or if I was just mentally done with indoor running. I have to say this is the first winter where I feel like the weather is really getting to me.

But let’s take a step back – It wasn’t a terrible month for running. I still had my highest February mileage of all. So I will take that small victory.

Feb YtY Comparison

I wanted to run 18 days because it would mean that I would have run one day more than I had in 2010…. well that didn’t happen but I still beat the mileage. So I will consider it a win none-the-less

Feb 2014 Goal

As for the Strength training… that fell behind… like really behind. I have always stated that if I needed to choose to one or the other, I would choose running. So when the fatigue started to catch up with me, I scaled back on the strength training more in an effort to give the running a boost. Sadly, it didn’t entirely do the trick but oh well… live and learn.

Feb 2014 ST

I am still figuring out the best balance for running and strength training. As I will be starting to increase mileage and adding in one longer run a week to prep for the spring races, I know that the strength training will have to give a little. I am toying with the idea of focusing on only two or three muscle groups a day. That will allow me to spend more time running and less time strength training. My overall workout time for the day will likely remain the same but I will be able to shift the focus while still reaping (I hope) the benefits of both.

Feb 2014 GlanceAs the above illustrates, I only hit my goal of running 5 days a week once. But I knew I needed the rest and I choose to listen to my body instead of push through. To top it all off, this winter has taken a toll on me mentally. For the first time ever… it is no secret that this has been a brutal winter for the U.S. and especially for Chicago. After (essentially) a solid three months of running indoors, I was done. My feeling is that a lot of the runs were so bad because mentally I just didn’t have any fight left. And perhaps it was all a mind game and I wasn’t truly fatigued physically but mentally. Who knows… But I am ever so hopeful for March.

What is in store for March?

Well, I am doing a 30 Day Lunge challenge with a friend. The emphasis will be on quality over quantity. So I revised a more standard 30 day challenge for us so that we could focus on quality. The number of lunges won’t increase as quickly. The point is still be challenging but without the risk of sacrificing form.

I am hoping to run 20 days this month and strength train at least 15 days. I know I need to start adding in one longer run a week so I will do that while trying to not increase overall weekly mileage too much. It will be a numbers game for a little while here.

I also just cannot take running indoors anymore so I am moving outside. This might propose a bit of a challenge with the weather and my 5 days a week of running. So I am going to try to do the longer runs outdoors and if I need to move indoors for a day then I will turn that day into a speed work day.

Coming up this month is the start of the spring racing season with the Shamrock Shuffle. This is not my favorite race of the season but it is one that will always make my annual race calendar. There is also a little running event on March 14th for Pi Day… So myself and the WRCE (Wurst Running Club Ever) will get our geek on and participate. I did the even last year and it was a lot of fun so I am looking forward to this year.

How did your training go in February? Are you also just done with indoor running?


2 thoughts on “February in Review

  1. That’s great mileage for being a short month and you taking some time off to rest!

    I’m definitely over indoor running. I’m trying to get to the same schedule of doing one speed work day on the treadmill each week, and the rest of my runs (all 2 of them, ha!) outside. This winter has to be letting up soon, right? Maybe?

    • Thanks! I had two mini goals going into the month – Best Feb Mileage ever and run more days than 2010… I am good with 1 for 2

      Ugh – I REALLY hope this winter lets up soon… But after watching the news last night… we are set to have a colder than normal spring (thank you frozen Lake Michigan)… Which is good for the spring racing season but goodness I hope it gets above freezing soon.

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