Training: February 24th – March 2nd

Feb 24-Mar 2

Monday – Rest

Monday was my last day of scheduled rest. Mom and I met up with my best friend for breakfast and then we went to Eatly with my Aunt. The one flaw in the plan for the day was having breakfast before going to Eatly. But we ate while there anyway… SOOO good.

Tuesday – 2.50 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

Thanks to another round of Polar Vortex, I was at the gym. My run was decent but mentally, I am so beyond over running indoors. The strength training was awesome. I tried a few new moves… which my legs felt for days to come. Guess they were effective for targeting the areas I wanted to target.

Wednesday – 2.50 Miles & Upper Body Strength Training

My legs were definitely sore from the day before. The run was just mentally very difficult to get through. Running indoors has been taking its toll… and I am struggling more and more with the indoors. Yet again, the strength training session was fantastic.

Thursday – 1.50 Miles

This Run was just terrible. Like really really awful. I had planned to do 2.00/2.50 miles but the entire thing was a struggle. My stomach started cramping after my first 4 laps and slowly got worse on each lap. I hoped that my usual stop for water after a mile would help. So I set out to run another 8 laps but after one lap the stomach cramping was back at full force and it got worse on the second lap. So I stopped for more water and to try to get my breathing under control. I could already tell that 2.50 miles was not going to happen but I wanted to REALLY try to get to 2.00. I did another lap… yea… stomach cramping again… another water stop. At this point I just threw in the towel. My body was not cooperating and the stomach cramping was not going away which was starting to make it difficult to breath. I did one more lap just to have an even 1.50 miles and called it quites for the day. I had already determined that I was not going to strength train for the day because I wanted to get some stuff done at home in the evening. My hope (assumption) for the stomach cramping is due to switching up my lunch for the week which may have made it just a tad too high in fiber which caused the stomach cramping…

Friday – 2.30 Miles

Mentally, I just could not handle another indoor run. So when I got home, I geared up and headed out for a run. Decided to stick to the parking lot behind the zoo (hidden running gem for the winter… ALWAYS plowed and no areas for huge puddles). I wanted to do two (maybe 3) loops of this one hill at the very south end of the zoo but after I got to the top of the hill and I saw how much ice was covering the path that would allow me to loop it I decided that perhaps it would be better to leave the looping to a day when the ice is gone (so July… at the rate we are going). I ran back down the hill and then headed home.

Saturday – Rest

I decided to take an extra rest day for the week. I went to a friends birthday party on Friday which lead to less sleep than normal and I was finding it VERY difficult to talk myself into a run after going to the grocery store (and no, I did not drink). So I took a short nap and then felt much better but still pretty tired and actually felt really dehydrated from not drinking much water all day (oops…). I then did some laundry and a little bit of closet organization. Also got rid of some things that I don’t need any more. At some point, I really need to go through the stuff in my storage unit and pitch… That will be a good project for a rainy day.

Sunday – Rest

I spent the day on the couch watching Disney Movies and it was wonderful! I like to have at least one “being a bum” day a week.


Despite the extra rest day, I feel like it was a decent end to the month. Still need to come up with an ideal strength training plan for me going forward… especially since I need to work on increasing the mileage a bit and I also REALLY need to start throwing in one longer run a week.

Mentally I just cannot handle running indoors anymore unless my intention is to do speed work on the track… And even then it might be a struggle. So this week I am looking to take all of my running outside. Yes, it is still cold but I have plenty of layers that I can wear. I just need to be outside again.

Also doing a little 30 Day Lunge Challenge with a friend. It is not the typical challenge where you end the 30 days doing close to 200 reps of the exercise but is more a stepping stone to getting stronger. My overall plan for strength training will be to do one or two workouts at home and one or two at the gym per week. I need to test it out but my hope is that it will switch things up a bit so that it can be more effective overall. Also trying to add in some plyometrics.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “Training: February 24th – March 2nd

    • I would say the perceived effort is harder indoors. The physical effort is the same for me. So it is definitely all mental.

      My gym has an indoor track which is a HUGE Help… I just cannot handle the treadmill.

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