Training: February 17th – 23rd

Feb 17-23Monday – Rest

I had originally planned to run on Monday… Then the weather called for snow… LOTS of snow. My best friend and her Husband also closed on their condo in my neighborhood the previous Friday. So spending the day with her was a much better idea. And it was a great day.

Tuesday – 2.00 Miles and Strength Training

Tuesday I went to the gym after work because it was still just a tad too cold. I knew this would be my only day at the gym for the week so I got in a 2 mile run and then did all of my favorite strength training exercises. I did both upper and lower body stuff but thought it best to not spend 3 hours at the gym which is why I only did my favorite exercises. The extra rest day from the week before helped but it still wasn’t enough.

Wednesday – 3.02 Miles

It was warm and the sun was shining and the wind chill wasn’t in single (or negative) territory. I geared up and eagerly headed to the Lakefront Trail for a run. It was incredible! Really just one of the best runs that I have had in a long time. I didn’t even mind the huge puddles (much) that I had to run through… and yes, my feet were soaked by the time I got home.

Thursday – Rest

Due to the weather, my mom decided to change her flight to Friday instead. I could have either gone to the gym or run outside but I had mentally committed to 5 solid days of rest and I knew my body needed it so I went and got my taxes done instead. So at least I was sort of productive.

Friday – Rest

I met mom at the airport and later we went to Macy’s to look around. We kept it low key and just grabbed some food to go before watching the Olympics on TV.

Saturday – Rest

We started off the day at Cafe Vienna for Breakfast and then headed to Michigan Ave for some shopping… which has turned into a Birthday for me (yes, Saturday was my birthday). We then both took naps and got ready to go to dinner at Calo’s… my favorite restaurant. I got to celebrate with several of my good friends over yummy food and drinks. All in all, it was a great day and a great birthday.

Sunday – Rest

After breakfast, mom and I ran some errands. I needed some things from Target and I needed groceries. So we got both done and then headed to Best Buy. The rest of the day we lounged around and watched TV. We ordered a pizza for dinner and watched the season finale of Downton Abbey.


Obviously not a stellar week for training but I knew that I needed the rest. Getting back to training this week. I just really hope that the weather starts to get better soon… I am finding it more and more difficult to run indoors…


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