Throwback Wednesday – Moving and Running Do Not Mix

The week after the Oktoberfest race, I finally got good news… I had a closing date… and it was in less than 48 hours… Mom was on her way up to Chicago and I still had a LOT of packing to do…

On top of all of that… the skeeball league I had signed up for and committed to months ago was starting up and I was heading to Atlantic City with Eric… a trip that was also planned months ago… hell… it was planned before I even started looking at condos.

Timing is everything…

I did consider backing out my other commitments but in all reality it wouldn’t have made much difference. I was incredibly lucky in that my mom was driving up to assist with everything.

Closing day… Oh boy… I won’t go into details but it was a HIGHLY stressful day that had lots of snafus that could have caused MAJOR issues… It all worked out… at the very last possible second things could. But the added stress didn’t help.

After the closing, I wanted to show my mom my new pride and joy and then I had to zip off to Skeeball. In giving mom a tour we noticed that the closet shelves had been poorly installed… which added a whole new set of costs that I had no originally planned on incurring. Home Ownership is fun…

The following morning, bright and early, mom and I hiked it over to Sherwin Williams to pick out paint colors and get some samples… there was NO WAY I was sticking with the existing colors. We then had a short chat with the building manager and learned of some fun rules that had been updated and that I apparently had a very outdated version of the by-laws… Fun

This meant needing to hire movers at the last minute and no longer being able to have the painters in over the weekend. Our time line was getting smaller by the minute. Lucky for me, choosing the final paint colors to use was a quick and easy process. I knew what I wanted and had spent hours already pouring over paint samples… so once we had the samples up on the wall it was a quick decision.

Then we had to grab a quick lunch and I needed to pack for a weekend get away. Mom then drove Eric and I to the airport. I spent the weekend trying to enjoy the trip but overall I was really stressed and exhausted so I probably didn’t have as much fun as I would have had the timing been different. Mom spent the weekend hiring and scheduling worker bees.

The following week while I worked, mom directed the worker bees. We decided that I was going to get all new shelving in my closets so we made a trip to Container Store. Despite the unexpected expense… it really was worth it in the long run.

Morning dad was going to get into town, I woke up with a cold… day before I was to move. We picked dad up and continued to run errands. It was a night of very little sleep for all us… all sharing my studio apartment…

Woke up the morning of moving feeling really icky… months of stress and losing sleep due to anxiety had finally caught up with me. Mom went to the condo to direct the guys installing my floors and urging them to work FAST while dad I stayed at my Apt to direct my movers.

Get the apartment all packed up and dad and I head over to the condo… floors are still going down in the Living Room… so that means ALL of my possessions must go into my bedroom. And for the record… my apartment was once accurately described as the clown car of apartments.

So now, I own a one bedroom condo and I won’t be sleeping in that bedroom for quite a while… love the irony.

Dad I headed off to Ikea while mom stayed behind to clean… and it ended up being a good decision because there was no way all three of us would have fit in the car with the furniture on the way home. A panicked SOS to Chris and Eric to help me with getting the furniture from the car to inside my condo was also needed. The stuff was HEAVY and I can only lift so much and my father shouldn’t be lifting…. thats what guy friends are for right? :-p

Eric stayed behind to help me put together my new TV console while Chris jetted off to meet friends since he already had plans. Dad managed to get my mattress out of my bedroom and into the living room so I could sleep on something other than my pretty new hardwood floor.

After another night of not really sleeping well, we ran some more errands and then dad took off… With the marathon the following day, it was really the only option. We couldn’t park the car in any of the normal places and we didn’t want him stuck in extra traffic. Mom stayed behind to help me try to unpack… but since my closet shelves weren’t going to be installed for another week… there wasn’t much that could be done.

I also had to turn in my keys to my apartment… the apartment that I lived in for 7 years… I was really sad. It was however, only fitting that the person that handed me my apartment keys when I moved in was the same person I would turn them into…

I still felt miserable… I had a rather nasty cold.

Sunday (Marathon day) mom and I needed to do something that did NOT involve the condo so we went for breakfast and then wandered around MI ave.

The following week, I spent a lot of time sleeping and getting over my cold while. My closet shelves were installed and I spent two more weeks getting stuff unpacked and put away.

Needless to say… there was very little time for running…



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