Training: February 10th – 16th

Feb 10-16

Monday – 3.00 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

It became evident that my three months of training was starting to take its toll… I have been incredibly fatigued for weeks but I have soldiered on and pushed through… Oh and that whole not icing after every run like a good girl finally caught up to me as well. My knee flared. So I have been icing for a solid week now but didn’t want to take a full week off until Mom is here… so I decided to scale back and cut miles if needed. Despite all of this, my run on Monday was at a surprising pace. I honestly expected to be slower and even thought I was on pace to BE slower… but I picked it up a tad for the last mile. Go figure. I also scaled back on the strength training. I wanted to keep up the working out but I need the rest… so dropping the reps/sets was my compromise

Tuesday – 2.50 Miles & Upper Body Strength Training

I was so angry after this run. One other thing I have noticed about the track is that on the days we run counter-clockwise (in general we run clockwise one day and then the opposite direction the next… unless the first person on the track completely ignores the directional sign and runs whichever direction they choose and the rest of us just follow) is that it hurts more to run counter-clockwise… though I am not entirely sure why. I also tend to be slower. I fought hard but I just couldn’t do the final 4 laps. In fact, I almost gave up after 2 miles but then forced another half mile… which my body did not appreciate so I gave it. I didn’t spend a lot of the time strength training after because I really was just angry about the run. I was also tired and just frustrated in general…

Wednesday – 2.97 Miles

The temperature finally hit double digits and the wind chill didn’t send that temp into the single digits. I just couldn’t do another run indoors… Mentally I needed to be outside. When I got home, I geared up and headed to the lakefront trail. I considered turning around shortly after my two mile turn around point but I really wasn’t ready to give up yet so I headed to my three mile turn around point… but with all the snow, I could get to all the way there and be able to stop for a moment without being in the way. I was blown away by the beauty of the LFT in the winter since I tend to avoid the LFT in the winter. I was really disappointed that I didn’t bring my phone with me so I could take some pictures…

Thursday – Rest

I had every intention of running…  I geared up and headed outside but then Mr. Garmin decided he wanted to sleep… He just wouldn’t locate the satellites. After waiting outside for 20 minutes and still not hitting the ‘Halfway’ mark for locating the satellites… I gave up. I was cold and I had no idea how much longer I would be waiting… and I knew I would lose the light soon as well and I hadn’t geared up for running in the dark. I just didn’t have the heart for running at the gym so I opted for a rest day knowing how much my body needed it.

Friday  – Rest

Towards the end of the day, I wasn’t sure how my Single self wanted to spend Valentine’s day. Part of me wanted to run outside, part wanted to run at the gym and then strength train and part of me wanted to just veg on my couch with junk food and watch the Olympics. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and couldn’t resist the junk food (and I really should not be allowed in a grocery store on a holiday intended for couples) so option C was the winner.

Saturday – 2.06 Miles

I had a lazy morning watching USA hockey beat Russia… thank you body for not letting me go back to sleep after waking up at 6:45 although I ended up being glad I was able to watch the game live because it really was an awesome game. I then went to run an errand and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to run or not. Part of me felt guilty for even considering another rest day (even though I knew I still needed it) and the other part of me just wanted to run. So when I got home, I geared up before I had a chance to change my mind. Luckily Mr. Garmin thought running was a good idea as well… I decided to stick with a shorter run and use the parking lot behind the zoo. I was glad that I made that decision because the knee reminded me of the flare up about a half mile in… although, overall it felt better than it had earlier in the week. Progress…

Sunday – Rest

I did consider running outside since the sun was out and according to the weather app I use, it was warmish. But in all reality, I had decided that Sunday was going to be my day on the couch where all I would do would be watching TV/Movies and being an overall lazy bum… and it was glorious!


I will be taking a planned break from running for most of this week. With the weather on Monday, I didn’t even bother with trying to run. Mom gets in on Thursday and I won’t lace up again until she is back in TX. I feel like I really need this break so I am going to take it and hopefully next week I will be recharged and ready to go. Luckily the weather will be nicer this week so I can get in a run outside too.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “Training: February 10th – 16th

    • Haha – I actually only use the Garmin to have some sort of record of distance and overall time. I have never looked at while running and thought I needed to pick up the pace or anything like that. Only reason I didn’t just run anyway and guesstimate the time was because I wanted to run a few hills so would have had no idea of the mileage…

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