Picture Friday

Ok – So I really liked this idea last week and totally love the idea of making this a weekly thing


Happy VDAY
Let’s Just get this out of the way

A Co-Worker sent this to me earlier this week saying that he imagined this being me. I completely agreed with him and he totally made me smile after getting yelled at by two different clients in the span of 10 minutes. The thing about my job is that some days are slow and some days I barely have enough time to get my normal daily tasks done. On those latter days, this is very much applicable. There are also some days where if I did NOT bring my lunch… I wouldn’t be eating…

Runners are often referred to as Crazy… and we definitely are. This winter a lot of us have been forced to either run in the snow or run indoors. Though, I can run on a track instead of a treadmill… I will admit that mentally it is more challenging to do so. So I have been going a little nuts being forced inside.

Outside Run 2-12-14
And the previous picture transitions to this one… The weather in Chicago warmed a bit this week… Like the wind chill was no longer in the single digits warm. It was about 20 degrees when I did the run but the sun was out and there was very little wind. I just couldn’t handle another day on the indoor track. I was thrilled to be outside and it was absolutely gorgeous along the Lakefront Trail in a way that is the complete opposite from the summer. I actually really wished I had brought my phone or a camera with me… Might do a run on the Lakefront Trail over the next couple days just to get some pictures. Now… if only my watch had cooperated last night when I tried to run. But Maggie taught my how to use the stop watch function so it hopefully won’t be an issue again…

This is not running related and I imagine it will be difficult to read (click on the image to make it bigger) but since one of my other passions is Baseball, I am adding this one. The letter depicted above is Derek Jeter’s resignation. He will complete the 2014 season and then retire from baseball to pursue other interests and have a personal life. He is a true Yankee… He came up through their farm system and has never played for another team…. nor would he want to. He is not only an outstanding player but has shown incredible respect, leadership and humility. As a die hard Yankee fan, I will be very sad to see the last of the core 4 go. I knew the day had to come but it will be a sad one. He will go down in history as one of the best Yankees. After all, that is why he has number 2… the single digit numbers are reserved only for Yankee greats (some Yankee history for ya) and I am sure they are already preparing his plaque for monument park (which means I will need to make a return trip).

Hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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