Throwback Wednesday – Oktoberfest 5K 2012

Since I am always up for an evening race and this one is in LP, it was pretty easy to decide that I would sign up for the race. Eric decided to join me as well.

I had opted to wear the race shirt… because I needed to do laundry and I had packed a good portion of my running gear… The thing was HUGE… like close to being a dress huge. Oh well. Eric and I met up shortly before the race started… as in maybe 5 minutes before and we lined up and took a quick photo.

2 Oktoberfest 9-20-12

I knew we wouldn’t be running together… He is faster than I am so we separated quickly once the race began.

Since I run through LP often I am pretty familiar with the course… It was a normal course… except for a few weird things… like having to run across the baseball fields… which was just WEIRD. And rather bumpy… The grass in that area is not exactly even… There was also some looping on the other side of the LaSalle underpass which is hilly. I was hardly prepared since running wasn’t happening. But I made the best of it.

I hated the course though.

Eric and I met up after the race and neither of us wanted to go to the after party. Eric’s sister had gone into labor so he had to make plans to go to MI. I had packing to do… even though I still did not have a closing date and I needed to be out of my Apt in about two weeks…

In hindsight, I think my stress over the condo and moving shadowed any chance of enjoyment with this race…. plus, I just REALLY hated that course (luckily it changed in 2013).

My Official Time – 35:59 for a 11:36 Pace

Oktoberfest 5K Race Results 2012


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