Strength Training – Some Details – Part 3

I know lots of core exercises but I always seem to only do some at home and some at the gym… rarely do I do them in both spots… not entirely sure why… This is still just the stuff that I do at the gym. I am playing with the idea of having one full day devoted to the core when I go to the gym but haven’t decided yet. Right now, I just add a few of the below to the end of my Lower body or Upper body day.

Core Stuff

Yoga Ball Sit-Ups – 50 Reps – 2 or 3 Sets
This is one of those exercises that I used to never do in the gym… perhaps because when I started using the gym… about 11 years ago… they didn’t have a Yoga ball. Now they have several. I still prefer the Yoga ball I have at home over the ones at the gym (which always seem to be over-inflated or under-inflated) but I decided that I really should be this exercise more often.

Plank – 2 or 3 Sets of 30 Seconds
Again, a move I tend to do at home more… perhaps because I have easier access to a timer than at the gym.  I never bring my phone with me when at the gym… and when I do, I leave it in the locker so I don’t have a timer to use when I am at the gym. There is clock mounted on the wall which has a seconds hand but it is rather difficult to read and far away. It is also only visible from one side of the two sided stretch area. The digital clock on the floor (of course) is not visible from the stretch area at all.

Lower Back – 15 Reps – 2 or 3 Sets
There is a machine that you sit in and lean back and then lean forward and repeat that works the lower back… but hell if I know what the machine is called. It works really well too and is usually less popular than some other contraptions that work the back in the same way.

Standing Side Crunch – 25 Reps – 3 or 4 Sets
I know there are lots of ways to work the obliques (side abs) but this is my favorite. I always have a weight in my hand when I do these as well. I know side plank is probably a better exercise but for some reason that always REALLY hurts my shoulder whenever I try to do that… so I stick with this.

Leg Raises – 12 Reps – 3 Sets
I have a love/hate relationship with this one. I know it is a very good exercise but its HARD. Although… it probably wouldn’t be as hard if I did it more often… work in progress



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