Picture Friday

To be honest, I am feeling rather exhausted so don’t feel like writing today. Instead, I am going to share a bunch of pictures with you… And actually… I kind of like the Idea of Picture Friday being a regular thing… thoughts?

Me - Feb 2014
I took this picture Saturday night before meeting the very lovely Lisa to go dancing for the night. She is visiting from Boston and I have not seen her in years… It was a bit of a college reunion weekend. We went to a place that is not my normal scene but I had a total blast. And I thought you all might like to see me in makeup… since I rarely post pics of myself with makeup on :-p

My good news for the week! Still so excited about this

6 Months
This is helping me get through a rough week of workouts

LOVE this quote from my favorite movie and is so incredibly true with running…

Running Changed Me
So True!

Smile It's Friday

Hope every has a wonderful weekend!



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