Goal Race

The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) is known for putting on stellar races… after all, they put on the Boston Marathon. The 5K is (historically) the day before the marathon… though this year that day happens to be Easter so the race is on Saturday instead (not sure if the race will remain on Saturday in the future).

When it was decided that I would be in Boston for Marathon weekend, I knew that this race had to go on my race schedule for the year. But then I found out they changed the course this year so the race no longer ends where the Marathon does. The finish line was one of the biggest draws for me so I was devastated. But once I took a step back I realized that this would still be an incredible race experience so I eagerly awaited for registration to open.

BAA does registration a bit differently from most of your local races. This probably helps eliminate some of the website crashing issues that have started to plague many races due to popularity. You sign up but you don’t find out if you are actually IN the race until later. They have some sort of system that recognizes when you registered and they process entries in the order in which they came until the race reaches capacity.

Well, Registration opened yesterday and I was ready to go the second it opened, knowing that BAA races tend to sell out very quickly. I have to admit that the whole waiting thing was kind of disorienting. I had no idea if I was in or not and with my slightly OCD tendencies when it comes to my schedule… I was less than thrilled with having to wait…

Right before I left work, I decided to check my email to see if I had an email from BAA…


And I did!!!!

I was so incredibly excited! My long weekend in Boston is going to be an awesome experience!

When I decided I wanted into this race, I also decided it would be a goal race for me. A chance to go after a better 5K time… well… at least better than my 5K times from the past few years. So that is what I intend to do… go after a time (to be reveled at a later date)

Of course that also means that I need to start doing weekly speed work…


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