Throwback Wednesday – Firefly 5K/10K 2012

Eric is the one that discovered this race and it sounded really cool. I always prefer nighttime races over morning ones… because despite being a morning person, I loathe running in the morning… go figure.

Eric also found a special for glow sticks… a LOT of glow sticks. He purchased them with this race in mind. So before we headed to the race, Chris and I arrived at Eric’s place to get ready. I dressed in all black and created a “skirt” of glow sticks. We headed out for the race. Eric was doing the 10K and Chris and I opted to bump down to the 5K. I hadn’t been running much and Chris’ IT Band was pretty bad.

We got to the race with lots of time to spare. It was a really nice night and there was a lot going on at the race site. We wandered around and hung out and took some pictures.

4 Firefly 9-15-12
Eric then lined up to start his race. Chris and I hung out until it was time to line up. We opted to stay more towards the back since we would be mostly walking this race due to the IT Band injury Chris was dealing with.

When we started the race… it was dark… which was sort of the point but the path was REALLY difficult to see and it was also pretty narrow. I was actually glad that we weren’t racing this once because it would have been really difficult. There was a lot of weaving and darting and it was just very difficult to see. We made the best of it and chit-chatted while on the course.

Once we got towards the finish line, I took off and Chris finished at his own pace. We found Eric… though it took some time. Then we got in line to get our bags from gear check. And oh boy was there a line… a LONG Line… and it wasn’t moving. Still not entirely sure what happened but it appeared to be a combination of not enough volunteers and difficulty of seeing the bag tags. 30 Minutes later (or more… I don’t entirely remember) we had our bags and headed toward the bus.

It was a decent race overall and we had fun but it was definitely one we weren’t likely to do again.

My official time – 45:13 with a Pace of 14:35

Firefly Race Results 9-15-12



2 thoughts on “Throwback Wednesday – Firefly 5K/10K 2012

  1. Cool concept for a race. However, it sounds like it would not be fun if you can’t see where you are going. Maybe a really bright headlamp is a necessity for that race?

    • Pete – Agreed. They moved the race last year so it is possible it was a bit easier to see… but not sure. I have done two nighttime races where it is supposed to be dark for the race. They are fun but definitely need to approach with caution. I also don’t think you should go into that kind of race with expectation of a PR.

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