January in Review

All Jan 2014

Despite  a less than stellar start to month where I took a DNS on a race… a decision which I still think was the right one but also still irks me a bit… It was a VERY successful month for me.

Jan 2014 Goal  Jan 2014 ST

Not only did I run 23 times but I also strength training 18 times. The running is by far the best January I have had not only in terms of number of runs, but also in terms of mileage.

Jan YtY Comparison

Without a doubt, thrilled with the running for the month. I beat my best January by just under 7 miles. What’s better is that by the end of the month my two mile run was feeling better and better. Of course there are always good days and bad days but I felt like the running the last week of the month felt great.

Jan 2014 Glance

As for my 5 day a week running goal… nailed the whole month except for one week… But prior to that one week, I had a 5 week streak going. And really… with that whole high of -12 and wind chill of -30ish, I just wasn’t going to hike it from my gym. But I did add in an extra day the following week as a result. I also managed to keep all of my runs in January at 2.00 miles or more with the exception of three… all of those were on days where I just felt too fatigued and so opted to scale it back a tad. Still need to listen to the body

Overall I am feeling great. Feeling slightly fatigued but I also think some of that is due to the weather and that whole being insanely busy at work thing. I am starting to expect the first two weeks at new mileage to feel rough and sluggish but I feel like the two weeks after that tend to be better.

Not putting much emphasis on pace right now. My overall goal is to have a solid base. I am, however, considering speed work. I know that I REALLY need to do this. I have a goal race in mind and I will know on Wednesday if I am in or not. If I get in then I will start speed work this month… in which case, one run a week will be at lower mileage. If I don’t get in then I will worry about speed work in March.

What is in store for February? Lots of stuff actually. It’s the 3 mile month. I am going to keep up with the strength training and HOPEFULLY get outside for a handful of runs… but so far the weather does not look like it will cooperate with that. Considering a scheduled mini-break towards the end of the month when my mom is in town. Not only because I want to spend the time with mom… and thus not spend the time at the gym but also because I think planned breaks are good. With what I have in mind for running March, I think the timing will be perfect. If the weather cooperates, then I will run a couple of times outside when mom is here. If not, then I will just take the time for a break.

How was your January? Any February goals?


2 thoughts on “January in Review

  1. Congrats on your January PDR! It’s good that you are leaving pace training out when you are trying to build a base. It’s also good to take speed work easy the first few times out. Mini-breaks are great ideas for recovery and will make you stronger. Looking forward to hearing about your goal race.

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