Training: January 27th – February 2nd

Jan 27 - Feb 2

Monday – 2.00 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

I was very glad that I had taken two days off over the weekend. My body needed it. I was exhausted. But come Monday, I was ready to get back to work. Having two days off definitely helped my pace a bit. My legs were actually still sore from my Speed work stint the previous Friday but overall I was really happy with the run. After the run, I walked a lap to rehydrate a bit and then headed down to get in some strength training. I worked hard and felt amazing after… even though I knew that I was likely to be insanely sore.

Tuesday – 2.00 Miles & Upper Body Strength Training

Yep… Bit sore. My legs felt heavy throughout the entire run and no matter how hard I tried, pushing the pace wasn’t going to happen. For the most part, the run felt good though. After my run, I went down to the weights and battled for the machines. It is a LOT more empty then it had been three weeks ago… New Years Resolutions anyone?

Wednesday – 1.50 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

Second day soreness is always worse… and oh boy was it. My legs just felt like lead and I was stiff despite the stretching and rolling out I have been doing. After a mile and a half, I knew I wasn’t running any more for the day. I even had to scale back a tad on the strength training because my legs were just very unhappy.

Thursday – 2.00 Miles & Upper Body Strength Training

Legs were MUCH happier today. I wanted a faster paced run but I had to do a surprising amount of weaving because there were a lot of walkers on the track… and they ALWAYS insist on using the inside lanes and walk with their friends… sigh. When I hit the weights, I noticed that a lot of the exercises I was doing felt easier. So I think it is time to up the weight for some of them.

Friday – Rest

When I got home from work, I had time to get in a short run outside. But I just didn’t really feel like it. I knew I was running on Sunday (whether I raced or not) so I opted to take the day off so I could have two off days in a row. I then headed out to Celebrate Courtney’s Birthday with dinner and drinks. And as a side note… never order a Cosmo at the Hubbard Inn. But the food was excellent as was the second drink I order when I couldn’t drink the horrendous Cosmo anymore.

Saturday – Rest

Woke up early but was tired and really did not want to get out of bed. But I had things to do and people to see. After coffee and breakfast, I ran a few errands while playing coordinator to meet up with friends later. A good friend from my college years is visiting from Boston and I still had yet to see my friend who moved back. The three of us used to spend a lot of time together in college so a reunion at an old hangout was in order. After some slight delays we all finally made it. It was a wonderful reunion and I spent the afternoon with some of my favorite people catching up and chatting. Since it had been snowing all day, I opted to bail the race the following day. I have already done a snow run and a run through puddles and just did NOT want to risk having to do that again. I did feel bad because it was also Courtney’s birthday but I just really didn’t have the heart for it. Since I was bailing on the race, I opted to go dancing with Lisa since it was a nice half a block walk to get there. So it was a very late (for me) night.

Sunday – 3.00 Miles

Woke up at my usual time… UGH… Why won’t my body let me sleep in when I get to bed to late?  I was, however, surprised that my legs didn’t feel as sore as I had anticipated after my night of dancing. After a productive morning/afternoon of coffee, breakfast, cooking and cleaning I suddenly realized how late in the day it was. If I wanted to get to the gym and run and still be able home in time to watch the Superbowl, I would need to get my butt to the gym. New Month equals new Mileage so I had 3 miles in store… 24 laps. I knew I was going to be stopping after each mile for water and I also figured I would be a bit slower since I was pretty tired from my night out. I was surprised that I felt really good for the first 16 laps but my night of dancing caught up to me for the last 8 laps and my last two just hurt. It wasn’t a stellar pace but it was better than I thought it would be. I got a text from Courtney about meeting up to watch the game and since I was starving and it was her Birthday, I was all for it… although I had to shower first. So I missed the first few minutes of the game… and… well… we know what happened with the game.


It was a good week of workouts and I am looking forward to this week. My weekend was awesome! Spent so much time with great people and just had so much fun.

This week we will continue with the three mile run and I will up the weight for strength training on some exercises… which means I drop the reps and do one less set. It should be a good week.


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