Training: January 20th – 26th

Jan 20-26Monday – 2.04 Miles

The markets were closed on Monday in observance of MLK day so I had the day off work. It was a much needed 3 day weekend. I spent a majority of the day on Monday finishing that whole putting away my Christmas stuff thing… In general, as long as I have this done by Feb 1st, I see it as a good thing. I could have gone to the gym but since it was already around 3 and I knew it would be another hour and a half before I would be able to use the track (thank you DePaul Track team) so I decided to go for a run outside since it wasn’t too cold and it wasn’t snowing. All in all it was a decent run. Although, I definitely should have had more water to drink throughout the day…

Tuesday – 2.00 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

Back at the gym after work. Definitely noticing that all those New Year’s resolution people seem to be done… it is no where near as crowded as it had been. I was amused when I finished the run and my time was exactly the same as the previous Tuesday. Although, this time at least, I didn’t feel like hell while completing the run. Then headed downstairs to use the weights. Trying to get in at least a solid 4 sets on all exercises before I increase the weight. For some of the exercises this is easy and for others not so much… Work in progress

Wednesday – 2.00 Miles & Upper Body Strength Training

I was feeling pretty good during this run but couldn’t get the pace any faster… so I was a tad slower than the previous day. My legs did feel a tad heavier which I think is due to the strength training. Afterwards, I did a one lap walk to sip water and keep my legs moving since a good portion of the strength training I do involves sitting on a machine. The strength training felt great and I was pleased with the workout when I was done. I have also been stretching really well after and I have been using the foam rollers at my gym… including the one that has foam “spikes” on it… They aren’t actual spikes but not sure what else to call them. Either way, that foam roller HURTS but I also know it is a good hurt.

Thursday – 2.00 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

I was forced to do quite a bit of weaving while on the track. For some reason it was rather crowded with lots of walkers. I am fine with people using the track to walk but for goodness sake, use the outer most lane to walk and chit chat… this is becoming a HUGE pet peeve of mine. I was feeling really exhausted last week and I think my body was fighting me a bit. I decided to scale back a bit on some of the lower body strength training. Not only because I was exhausted but because as soon as I started on the strength training, I could tell I needed to scale it back. My body just wasn’t having it…

Friday – 2.00 Miles & Upper Body Strength Training

I was mentally just done by the end of my work day. I didn’t want to think about anything. I had to go home after work since I was given a loaner laptop so I could work from home when needed to get through this conversion. But I changed right away and headed back out because I knew if I sat down, I was not getting back up. After a mile and a half I was just done. I couldn’t handle another 4 laps. So I walked a lap and sipped on water. But then I started to get mad at myself for skipping the last half mile. So I decided to do some untimed speed work… I would sprint the straights and walk the curves. I didn’t give myself any time goals and since there is only one clock visible on the track, I couldn’t time theses (although getting a stop watch isn’t a horrible idea). But I had glanced at the clock when I started and when I was done. My 4 laps of speed work took me roughly 4 minutes. I knew I was walking the curves slowly and occasionally had to wait for people to get through some of the straight aways before I could start my sprint. This told me that my sprints were at a very good clip. I was really happy with it and the harder effort running was exactly what I needed after the brutal work week I had. I DID actually complete my 2 miles for the day and I was glad that I pushed myself. I know I need to start doing speed work more consistently so hopefully this was a good starting point. Then had a REALLY awesome strength training workout. I felt amazing when I left the gym but I was still completely burnt out. After my shower, I killed maybe an hour on the couch before crawling into bed and crashing.

Saturday – Rest

Part of the reason I pushed myself so hard during the week was because I really wanted a Monday – Friday workout schedule. I was starting to feel some of the fatigue from all the work I had been doing and I figured two days off in a row would do me a LOT of good. Plus… I opted to go into the office instead of just working from home. Knew I would get the same amount of work done in half the time. I then ran some errands and just wasn’t feeling the greatest when I got home. So I watched some TV and when I started to struggle to stay awake around 9 I just went to bed and slept REALLY well.

Sunday – Rest

Major Major rest… I really did nothing all day except lay on my couch. I even took a nap in the afternoon. It was glorious!


I feel like it was an incredibly successful week. The workouts I did were good… even if there was some signs of fatigue but I scaled back as needed. As for the running, I am ok with the pace I have been at. I am working on a solid base so I don’t feel like my time is as important right now. Since I do have some time goals for some races this year, I know that I will need to start pushing the pace at some point… and yes, that speed work will need to become a regular thing. But for now I am laying the ground work.

Goals for this week are to get in solid workouts Monday through Thursday. I have a race on Sunday so I am thinking I might use Friday as either a rest day or a cross-training day. Will see towards the end of the week how I am feeling.

Hope everyone has an awesome week! Stay warm out there!


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