I wanted to post something else today… But honestly, I am rather beat…

The past two weeks at work have been insanely busy. I get that work gets busy but I am talking coming in early (or attempting to… the buses haven’t been too cooperative with this effort) and staying late and still not even coming close to finishing everything.

Overall, I don’t have to work late or work weekends. In general most of my job is time sensitive, so I cannot put things off. This forces me to finish my daily tasks… well… daily. Yes, there are some things that are not AS time sensitive but for the most part everything needs to be done same day. This is both good and bad. Good in the sense that I (generally) leave work without having to worry about a huge list for the following day. I can clock out (so-to-speak) and I am done for the day.

But sometimes, we go through something that generates a MASSIVE amount of work. So on top of the normal day to day stuff, we have ten times that in extra work. And yes, everything is still time sensitive. Without really going into details… and if you are not familiar with my job or industry, it is difficult to explain without having to give a lot of background info.

So to sum it up in one word… Conversion

Now, this may mean nothing to you. But in my line of work it means LOTS of long hours and LOTS of work to be done. Its not a bad thing but… it is tiring and more stressful.

Through all of this, I am still maintaining my workout schedule and goals that I set for myself for this year.

All in all it is a decent balance. At the end of the day, I am mentally drained but physically I may still have a ton of energy… after all… I sit at a desk and stare at a computer most of the day. And though, I do think while working out, it does not require the same amount of concentration that work does.

Essentially the gym has been where I go to clear my head and de-stress.

The flip side to this is because I have been working later, I have been bringing my gym stuff with my to work and going straight from there to the gym. I have been getting home around 7 pm nightly… which may not seem that bad until I mention that I LEFT for work around 5:30 in the morning.

Needless to say, I have had some pretty long days… although, I suspect my electric bill will appreciate my lack of being home.

There really is no grand point to be made here – Except to say that at the end of the day, I am just done!

This has certainly been a true statement over the past few weeks…
Need to run This Day off

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “Ugh…

  1. I’ve been having an “ugh” couple of weeks too. Sometimes it just feels good to get it all out. I hope next week is better!

    What kind of work do you do? Conversion means something to my job, but I’m sure it has several different meanings 🙂

    • I work for a broker/dealer processing paperwork and cashiering related stuff

      Conversion for is means mass amounts of paperwork because we either take on a huge group of clients from another B/D or there is a clearing firm switch.

      What kind of work do you do?

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