Throwback Wednesday – Running Goes To Hell in a Handbasket Part 2

We last left off with my continued search for a condo… and racing in between.

As luck may have it, I found a place that I really liked… and it was a mere two blocks away. I made an offer and after a couple of days of back and forth, we had terms that both parties could live with.

I thought the hard part was done… oh boy was I so very wrong.

I have not kept it a secret that I am OCD about my finances. While looking for Condos I had a rather elaborate excel where I would input my “new” monthly costs (electric, cable, AC, Heat, Assessments, Estimated Mortgage payment) and it would spit out what my “play money” for the month would be. Now, not all properties are the same… and not all assessments are the same either. Some buildings included more than others. But the methodology was the same across the board. So I knew what I could spend on a place given all the variables.

And given the housing bubble… I knew I was going to have to prove I could afford the place. But holy HELL!!! I did not expect the hoop jumping that I was going through with the loan process.

I would be a given a list of items required, I would supply said list and then… NOTHING

There would be silence. I was completely unable to get a hold of anyone dealing with my loan. Phone calls went unanswered and voicemails were never returned. Emails were ignored. So I became paranoid that I would miss a call back from the loan people.

When I did finally get someone to get in touch with me I would be given a whole NEW list of crap. None of which were items that came up because of the items I had already submitted. Ok seriously, I work in a highly regulated industry. If you require X. Y and Z to get something approved, you ask for ALL of those items up front. Then if those items generate more questions, you have to go back. But oh no. We couldn’t give me the full list up front, we had to give it to me in pieces.

I will spare you the details of some of the asinine crap I was asked for. But I was frustrated and stressed. I could never get a hold of anyone to get a status.

So that whole being paranoid that I was going to miss a call back from the loan people meant I was not running. I had already given notice to my rental people so I had to be out of there by a certain date… and the more the loan process was held up the longer it would take to get a closing date. I knew if I missed a call, I wouldn’t be able to get a hold of anyone so I needed to be available as SOON as my phone rang. Even on the few occasions where I HAVE done a training run with my phone, I have never heard the thing go off (and it has). I just had to be available.

And since my gym is also known as cell phone purgatory… that was not an option either.

I had to be available so that meant I couldn’t run…

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