Training: January 13th – 19th

Jan 13-19Monday – 2.00 Miles & Upper Body Strength Training

My main goal was to have a better run than the previous three runs had been. All in all it was pretty decent. Definitely finding it difficult to run the full second mile without stopping for more water. It is incredibly dry in the gym and by the end of mile one it is difficult to swallow because my throat is so dry. Then it just gets worse in the second mile so I find myself stopping at 1.50 miles as well. Physically, I am not feeling dehydrated but my throat just gets so incredibly dry that I feel like it is smart to stop for more water. It was a good strength training session. I felt like I worked pretty hard for the day.

Tuesday – 2.00 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

This was just an all around terrible workout. My first mile was slower than normal and I was struggling. Stopped for water after one mile. Then had to stop again at 1.50 miles and… yep… had to stop again at 1.75 miles. I seriously considered bailing. I just felt awful… I felt physically weak… had zero energy. My last two laps were incredibly brutal… I just felt… WEAK. But I kept telling myself it was only two laps and I managed to finish… and then was rather surprised when I saw my overall time. I headed to the weight area in hopes that I good have a solid strength training day but it was not in the cards. I did one less set and about half the exercises that I normally due. I couldn’t figure out why I felt so weak. I fully expected to wake up on Wednesday with a full blown cold because that was the only explanation I could come up with.

Wednesday – 2.00 Miles & Upper Body Strength Training

Well, woke up feeling great… go figure. I even had an awesome run. So Tuesday was some weird fluke. The strength training session was even better. I just felt great. I was able to add some reps and sets to certain exercises and I even threw in some different exercises. I was on workout cloud nine.

Thursday – 2.00 Miles & Lower Body Strength Training

Thursday was just as good as Wednesday. Awesome run… though it was a second slower from the day before. I blame the couple who were using the two inside lines to slowly walk and chit chat. Not only that but the guy kept looking behind him and every time he saw someone coming would move further into the outside line which forced quite a bit of weaving. I had to bite my tongue several times because he was clearly just being an @ss. When I headed to the weight area it appeared that EVERYONE wanted it to be a legs day. I had to wait for every single machine. And seriously… GET OFF THE DAMN PHONE! Ugh, seriously my biggest pet peeve at the gym is people that play on their phones between sets. If you are SOOO important (note sarcasm as 90% of the people at my gym are college students without jobs) then get off the machine and let someone else use it. I habitually will get through two machines in the time it takes some people to get through one set because they are too busy on their phones. Ok Rant over. Despite my annoyance, it was a great workout.

Friday – 2.03 Miles

Did not have time to run at the gym… I had a feeling that might happen so I also planned to run outside if needed. I left work late and had to be at book club by 7:00 so I knew running outside was my only option to avoid being really late for book club. It had started to snow but wasn’t too bad yet. After gearing up, I headed outside. It was kind of slick and the snow was definitely sticking so it was only getting more slick. But I stuck to the parking lot behind the zoo knowing that it is well maintained. It was a decent run and it felt good to be running outside again. The indoor track isn’t terrible but I still prefer to be outside. Then managed to get showered and headed out to book club and was only about 15 minutes late. It was a fun evening full of girl chat and I was shocked when I realized that it was midnight when we all left. Time flies when you are having fun I guess.

Saturday – 1.00 Mile & Full Body Strength Training

In all reality, I wanted to bail on this workout. I was exhausted. Not only was I on my 8th day in a row of working out (I know, I know, not the best of ideas) but I had spent a good portion of the day working on getting my Christmas stuff put away (yes, I realize it already mid-Jan). But I promised myself the week before when I skipped my 5th run day that I was going to do an extra day this week. Plus I wanted to do at least one mile in dedication to Meg’s Miles. I felt surprisingly invigorated after the run. I had already planned to do do lower body strength training and try out a few ideas I had for better leg strength training since it tends to be a lot slower in the gym on Saturdays but I also decided to throw in some upper body stuff as well. My ideas worked out nicely and I would like to do those exercises more often. I then went home and did massive amounts of laundry

Sunday – Rest

Glorious rest. I was beat. 8 days in a row was not the best idea but I really wanted to get on a Monday – Friday routine. That way I would be able to use Saturday for full rest, cross-training or an extra strength training day. Once race season gets in full swing it might be nice to have an extra run day on those weeks so I will definitely want the flexibility to take Saturday as a rest day. Anywho… after running a couple of errands, I went home and proceeded to crash on my couch and took a two hour nap. I had visions of finishing (or at least continuing) the putting away of Christmas decorations but instead my butt stayed firmly planted on my couch and I watched movies. I definitely needed the break.


It was a very productive week but I was exhausted. I think if I had scaled back on the strength training I wouldn’t have been as exhausted by the end of it. But I am pleased with everything that I got done. I finally started to feel like I can possibly up the weight for some of the exercises I do. So I feel like I am getting stronger. As for the up and down feeling during the week… still no clue what caused me to feel so off on Tuesday but oh well… having those off days comes with the territory.

This week I plan to stick with Monday through Friday plan. I think the two days of rest will be much appreciated by body.


2 thoughts on “Training: January 13th – 19th

  1. I don’t understand people on their phones at the gym. I wouldn’t look at my phone while I’m out for a run, just as I wouldn’t look at my phone as I’m going from the bench to the machines at the gym. Let’s workout people and save facebooking for later! 🙂

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