Base Building

Back in 2010, which I consider my first true running year, I was training for a half marathon. It was a year of firsts. And I really had no idea what I was doing

But, I somehow managed to train smartly and never got injured. I essentially had a 7 month training schedule for that half marathon.. but the first 3-4 months were more base building.

In 2011 and 2012 while I still ran, I did not run often. Nor was I running smartly. I got injured in 2011 and I didn’t actually train for any of the distance races I had. In 2012, running took a back seat to other life happenings. All the work I put in during the 2010 year was essentially lost.

Last year, I wanted to work on getting back on track. Though it wasn’t the stellar year I had hoped for myself, I did get back on track. However, I didn’t focus on building back my strong base. I had a really strong base in 2010 and I know I need to get back there to accomplish the rest of my running goals.

That’s part of the reason I wanted to take on the Holiday Challenge. You have to be able to run a mile to run two miles. So I figured, since December is typically a bad month of running for me, that I would focus on that one mile run. And to add to it, I would try to get back to my strength training routine. Which, I also feel, will help me with a solid base and to avoid injuries that I have had since that first magical year of running.

So the beginning of this year, I am focusing on that base. Knowing that all of the base building I am doing now will help me with my goal races this year (and yes, I do have a few). I also know that I need to a strong base before I can focus on trying to get faster in some distances…. I still have an elusive 5K dream…

I know that running is not easy and some days are better than other… this week has been a perfect example. Monday was a decent run, not stellar but I was pleased with it. Then Tuesday was just horrible… REALLY horrible. I felt completely out of breath and just weak. My strength training was just as bad. It was to a point where I fully expected to wake up on Wednesday with a horrendous cold because I couldn’t figure out why my workout was so terrible. But I woke up feeling fine on Wednesday. I then proceeded to have an excellent run and even more excellent strength training session.

I went from one extreme to the next… go figure

I am sticking with my overall plan for the year… to focus on that base. This month I am focusing on the two mile run and next month it will be the three mile run. I feel like after that I will have a solid enough base to start working on other things… a weekly longer run and… ummm… speed work… even though I HATE Speed work. I know I need to force myself to do it.

After looking back at my training logs from 2010, this is essentially how I did it. This is how I ran well for a solid year without getting injured. I moved away from that but it is time to get back there. Running, after all, is NOT easy… it is something you have to work at. You will have good days and you will have bad days.

After all – It Never Gets Easier – You Just Get Better


2 thoughts on “Base Building

  1. You are correct about building a base. That’s something that I have difficulty doing because it take patience. I find that learning to fight through the bad days is better preparation for a race than easy/fun days. They make you “battle ready”!

    • I completely agree!

      I have definitely had some battles with some of the runs lately. I know I am not doing high mileage but goodness some days those two miles are REALLY difficult. Hell… even in December I had some days where I wanted to give up after one lap (8 laps to a mile). But I feel like I am slowly but surely getting better

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