Throwback Wednesday – Chicago Half & 5K 2012

Back in 2011, I was actually signed up to this race… the half marathon. And I was going to do it with a wonderful friend. But since neither of us were anywhere near mileage, we both bailed… which was by far the quickest and easiest conversation. Which neither of us anticipated at the start of that phone call….

Anywho – Fast forward a year and I am registered to participate except this time I was only registered for the 5K with Chris. Eric was doing the half.

We all met at Eric’s bright and early to head out… But once we got near the race site, we quickly learned that bright and early wasn’t quite bright and early enough. Eric barely had enough time to gear check, take a restroom break and line up.

Chris and I headed toward the start line to watch.

It was a sunny day and pretty warm… not ideal by any means. But Chris was having issues with his IT Band and we knew we would have to wait for Eric so we opted to mostly walk the race. As we neared the finish line, Chris and I agreed that we would both run and finish our own races. So I took off… and I believe my weaving skills were better which meant I finished just slightly before Chris.

We headed through the finishers chute and were shocked when someone came up to us to give us a medal. I told the kind volunteer that I did not run the half and he (at least I think it was a he… I don’t actually remember) told me that the 5K runners get medals too.

I was shocked but pretty happy to be getting a medal for a 5K… which is VERY unusual.

Chris and I then found a bench to sit on while we waited a bit to go to the finish line to watch Eric finish. No sooner did we get there when we saw Eric go flying by so we back tracked and went towards the end of the chute to find him. The boys wanted beer and I wanted pizza so we split up briefly. We then decided to go meet up with other friends to watch football.

All in all it was a pretty decent day.

As I have stated before, this is not my favorite 5K. Love that the course is different from the normal 5K races and definitely love getting a medal. But its a bit of a hassle to get down there. So it’s not a race I am likely to do unless I have friends running the half who give me a ride to the race :-p

Official time – 45:41 for a 14:38 pace

Chicago Half & 5K Race Results 9-9-2012


2 thoughts on “Throwback Wednesday – Chicago Half & 5K 2012

  1. I did not know that there were medals for the 5K! Wow!

    (And I agree, it’s super weird to get one. My cousin and I did a Super Bowl 5K in Geneva last year, and they handed us medals, and we were like, what the heck is this, lol.)

    • haha – Yea, I was rather shocked. Did the race again in 2013 and they do, in fact, give out medals

      I mean don’t get me wrong, I will definitely take it but they didn’t advertise the medals for the 5K which is what threw me. Usually smaller distance races advertise that to get more people to sign up.

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