Holiday Challenge in Review

In case you don’t remember, I modified the run streak to running 6 days a week. I knew there would be some days where I wouldn’t be able to run at all so I thought this was better for me. In addition, I have been wanting to focus on a solid base for quite a while now. What better way to start building a solid than with mile runs?

History proved to me that December is typically a month where I do very little running… or just working out in general. So my overall hope with this challenge was to actually RUN during the month. I can without a doubt say that this challenge is what kept me going because there were a LOT of times where I just did NOT want to run.

So, from the perspective that I wanted the challenge to force me to run, it was a HUGE success. I had my BEST December ever in regards to running and working out.

However, my last week of my self-imposed challenge, I failed to run 6 days. I didn’t run on NYE because my gym closed at 4 and since I get off work at 3:30, there was no way I would get there in time. Plus, it started to snow around 2:00 and by the time I left work, the sidewalks/roads were already pretty bad. Then I took a DNS for the NYD5K Race… and again, my gym was closed so there was no run. I still have no doubt that it was the right decision but it still irks me a bit.

I do very well with short-term challenges and this one was only 5 weeks long… and I was successful for 4 out of those 5 weeks… to have it all fall apart in the last week just bugs me. I still managed to run 5 days that week… so its not like I did nothing… though we should ignore the calorie fest on NYE and NYD and the watching lots of Downton Abbey episodes.

Overall I am marking the challenge as a success. Though, I am not sure if I will participate next year. Since during the holidays next year I will be training for a half marathon, it might be better to just worry about the training. But we shall see.

As for the Numbers – I ran a total of 29 days for 39.94 miles

Holiday Challenge Total


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